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Porn + Milkshakes = ADP

Awwww yeah, you know what time it is. ADP pulling out all the stops in its annual celebration of, um, porn and milshakes:

If you like milkshakes and (funny, bad) porn but have never attempted to put the two together, this you chance to change that. Note: The porn will be bad and easy to make fun of. We will not attempt to seriously watch porn.

Date: Friday, September 16
Time: 7 pm – 9 pm
Place: The den of all sin and vice, Alpha Delta Phi

Porn and Milkshakes @ ADP

MilkshakeLadyDavid ’11 has a creative writeup to tell you about this semester’s Porn and Milkshakes at Alpha Delt:

There have been many great combinations throughout the years: peanut butter and jelly, coffee and cream, jalapeno cheddar combos and zesty salsa tortilla combos. But one delicious combination that has probably never crossed your palette is pornography and milkshakes. Yes, the creamy, frothy, deliciously sweet treat shared by young steadies after a sock-hop, and milkshakes, which are also pretty yummy. So come one, come all, come watch people come extravagantly excessive amounts (on the screen), at Porn and Milkshakes, this Wednesday, at Alpha Delta Phi.

What: Porn and Milkshakes
Where: Alpha Delt
When: Wednesday from 8-10(ish)


It’s that time of year again… for Porn’n’Milkshakes! Potential awkwardness is mediated by the hilarity of porn and the absolute deliciousness of freshly made milkshakes.

So come drink milkshakes, watch & make fun of silly porn, or do both!

When: Tuesday, Jan. 27th from 8-10pm
Where: Alpha Delt (185 High St.)
How much: free