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Spotted: Kitty Condo on College Row

This week in  #wtf: on Monday, a “pre-loved” kitty condo appeared in the middle of College Row, its position revealing little as to what building it could have come from or why it was moved outside. Kari Weil, Professor of Letters, has been spotted struggling to walk a large dog around campus, but does President Roth have a secret pet cat? Was it put there as a protest in favor of allowing pets on campus—perhaps by the disenfranchised animals themselves? Might it be a teaser for the Kitty Pryde show that’s apparently coming up next week?

Who knows, but the next day it was turned over on its side, and today it’s gone, just as suddenly as it arrived.

Find cat, make his owners happy, get reward!

Caroline Rober ’08 writes:

“We’re looking for a lost cat who we last saw at around 8:00 PM [on April 28] near 167 Vine Street. He is incredibly beloved to his owner, so please let us know if you’ve seen him. We’re offering a large reward to someone who brings him back.”

Though he doesn’t have a tag, his name is Brian, and his owners would love to know if you see him around. Email jstmartin@wes, or check out the Facebook group.

P.S. The reward for Brian’s safe return is a cool $200.

Edit: Brian has been found! The owners write, “He was covered with blood, but it wasn’t his, it was from a mountain lion, and he had some underwear with him, that definitely wasn’t his.”