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Missing Equipment from AEPi Rave or Die

I meant to post this earlier, but I forgot to. My bad. It’s from AEPi and it’s URGENT:

Special thanks to everyone who braved the thick of the Snowpocalypse to come out to 200 Church for Rave or Die. The party was a huge success despite being cut short by the blackout. Unfortunately, someone has taken all of AEPi’s lights: two lasers, a multicolored party light, and a strobe. Those lights are too expensive for us to replace.

If you have any of our lighting equipment, or know where it is being kept, please contact ssontag(at)wesleyan(dot)edu  or 510 917 1329. We don’t want to get anyone in trouble; we just want our stuff back. If we are going to keep throwing free raves for campus, we need the lights back. 

Much love and many thanks,

The Brothers of the Alpha Psi Chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity.