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Crook$hanks’ May Mix Came Out… In May, We Promise

A few days late on this one, but ubiquitous Wes musician and recent pop star Adrien DeFontaine ’13, aka prolific DJ Crook$hanks, has released his latest in a series of monthly mixes consisting of jamz he’s been digging lately. You can bump this all summer while you think about its cool album art with the amusement park at night.

The new one’s got a remix of Usher’s Climax that original producer Diplo worked on, so that’s something!

Stream below and check out the old mixes here, here, here, and here. Tracklisting after the jump.

Crook$hanks is back with another monthly mix

Another month, another mix

Just in time for May, Wesleyan DJ and prolific mix-maker Crook$hanks (Adrien DeFontaine ’13) has finally delivered his April mix of songs he’s been bumpin’ all month long. This time around, we have viral queer rap favorite “Ima Read,” a fantastic remix of my boy Drizzy’s “I’m On One” by $hanks-favorite Unicorn Kid, and a whole bunch of other good stuff for you to check out.

Stream below and click the jump for for the tracklisting. Previous mixes here, here, and here. Thank you $hanks God.

Crook$hanks Drops Latest Monthly Mix


Resident always-super-busy campus musician Adrien DeFontaine ’13 has dropped his latest in a series of monthly DJ mixes under his Crook$hanks moniker. The latest, The March Mix, as always, includes some of the stuff Mr. $hanks has been diggin’ this month, including Unicorn Kid’s “Boys of Paradise,” which he has called one of the happiest songs ever.

Check it out embedded below, check out Crook$hanks’ set Saturday night at WestCo’s Eurotrash rave, and check out his January and February mixes too. Tracklisting after the jump.