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Nat Leich ’12 Releases Album; BandCamp Response Catlike

What does the Wu-Tang Clan have in common with the Grateful Dead and Björk? Nothing. But Nat Leich ’12 doesn’t care. His recently released senior thesis album, Kaleidoscope, takes diffuse elements of pop scenery and welds them together in a thirteen-piece orchestra — you might even call it a Mixtape Orchestra — that travels down Memory Loss Lane.

Listen here, and click past the jump for more about last week’s ninth-bestselling digital album on Bandcamp.

Mixtape Orchestra // West of Portland at the Chapel

Nat Leich ’12 writes:

Come to the chapel tonight (Saturday) at 8 pm for a fresh take on the Wesleyan music scene.

MIXTAPE ORCHESTRA’s debut performance: a 15 piece pop band with strings, woodwind, and brass.  We’ll get you singing and dancing with catchy pop tunes and crying with beautiful orchestral arrangements. WEST OF PORTLAND, also debuting, will be bringing you some chill, exquisitely crafted songs to start. Be there!

Date: Saturday, Dec. 10
Time: 8PM
Place: Chapel