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Tentative Weekend Roundup

(for additional information, see calendar at bottom, or just look down the page)
9:15pm Senior Cocktails – Who knows?
2pm Bread Baking Workshop – Well Being House
3pm Henna Festival – Turath House
5pm Wesleyan Electronics Collective – Noisemaker Fabrication – Eclectic
5pm Cowboy Bebop Screening – SCIE121
5pm Autumnal Awakening – Earth House/ 5:15 top of Indian Hill
8pm “I’m Going to Explode”+ other dances by Brian Brooks – 92 Theater
8pm Women in Country – Earth House
9pm Cantora Records Showcase – Eclectic
9pm These ARe Powers/ Fat Worm of Error/ White Suns – WestCo Cafe
10pm Stung Funk Party – PSI U
9:15am Antiwar Demonstration – NYC
Noon Mole Day Celebration – Science Hall (Hewitt 8)
2pm Russian Apple Festival – Russian House (163 High St.)
6pm Pangea International Food Fair – PSI U
New Group a capella – Nic Lounge
8pm Jazz Master Randy Weston – Crowell Concert Hall
8pm “I’m Going to Explode”+ other dances by Brian Brooks – 92 Theater
8pm Contra Dance – Fayerwether Hall
9pm Freaker’s Ball – Vinnies Jump & Jive
9pm Lunchbox Comedy – Nic Lounge
9:30pm Guns Drawn+The Crux @ WestCo Cafe
10pm The Halloween Party – Eclectic
12am Zombie Arts Collective Meating. yes, meating. – Usdan MPR
5pm Self Defense Workshop – Freeman MPR
8pm Waiting in Line Acapella – Exley

Comments welcome; did we miss anything? Wrong times? (days will be deleted as they pass if I’m bored enough to do so.)