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Wesleyan is Expensive!

Nobody is surprised! HuffPo listed the Top Ten most expensive colleges in the country (yearly tuition + room/board), and Wesleyan is #11 at $50,862.

The Top Ten:

1. Sarah Lawrence College — $54,410
2. New York University — $51,991
3. The George Washington University — $51,730
4. Bates College — $51,300
5. Skidmore College — $51,196
6. Johns Hopkins University — $51,190
7. Georgetown University — $51,122
8. Connecticut College — $51,115
9. Harvey Mudd College — $51,037
10. Vassar College — $50,875

Dredging up that old Gawker faux-battle with Sarah Lawrence, Jared Keller ’09 muses:

“So hey, they may be our main competition for ‘most annoying liberal arts college,’ but they pay more to do study post-modern economics and grow beards like something a blind bird built.”

See the full Top 100 list at Campus Grotto.

Wes 13th most expensive school

The Consumerist has released its list of the top 25 most expensive colleges for 2008-09, and Wes has dropped out of the top ten! We’re currently listed as the 13th most expensive institution in the nation, with our tuition plus room and board summing to an even $49,000. Notably, Wes is fourth in the NESCAC (gee, that sounds familiar), behind Conn. College (5th; $49,385), Bates (6th; $49,350), and Middlebury (10th; $49,210).

The Consumerist: 25 Most Expensive Colleges For 2008-09

Thanks to Diego Glusberg ’11 for the tip.

[EDIT by Justin, 2008-10-31] The list originally came from CampusGrotto, not The Consumerist. Thanks to reader Ted Reimers for bringing this to our attention.