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A Somewhat-Denominational Holiday Music Compilation


  “Buy all of your friends’ presents tonight.” This is the command of the Spirit of Thirty-Fork Street, Wesleyan’s sometimes-friendly-but-often-awkward Ghost of Christmas Past. (It probably doesn’t help that we don’t have a Ghost of Chanukah Past.) Anyway, if you’re on top of that, good for you. If you’re not, first take an hour to download and listen to Miracle on Thirty-Fork Street, a holiday season compilation of original (!) songs put together by a loose collective of Wesleyan-associated acts. Then, freaking consume, you consumer. Here are some reflections, lightly edited for reading ease, from a contributor:

The album was made by an extended group of friends (we mostly know each other). All of these friends are either from Wesleyan or closely related to folks at Wesleyan. These are all ORIGINAL holiday songs. No covers! It’s really lame that the majority of holiday songs were written in the baby boomer era. So here are some new ones.

This album is dedicated in part to Will Schragis ’12, who approached me (and others) last year trying to put together a holiday album where he and his friends who actually played music would do covers. Unfortunately it never came together.

The title is a reference to the Static Stamina/Japanese holiday EP It’s a Wonderful KNIFE!, which is actually one of the most hated things on the ACB ever.

Full list of collaborators after the jump.

Will F. ’13 Becomes Kill-F, Drops Free EP

Kill-F (Will “Waka Flocka” F. ’13, of Static Stamina, Wes Pacific, other things) has just released his first EP, Very Good. The EP, recorded “in closets in New Jersey” and produced by Dan Nass ’13 (under the moniker D’Brickashaw), criss-crosses a variety of hip hop genres, never settling on single style or trend. In general, it seems like the product of a short attention span and lots of clever ideas. I mean that as a compliment.

“Don Cheadle” stands out to this blogger as one of the strongest tracks on the EP, due to some of the best beats and a pretty hilarious chorus in which Kill ponders “What makes dogs sad? What makes a dog cry? What makes dogs bad? Why must dogs die?”

The final track, “E E E E E E E E,” is a kind of a mindfuck. If you can figure out the riddle in the song’s title, you might have some idea of what to expect.