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Conflict Muffins: Not Tasty! (YallaWes)

Miriam Berger ’12 and Hadas Werman ’14 write in:

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Muffins: Not Tasty! What’s there to do about it?

YallaWes is a student group to raise awareness about Israeli/Palestinian issues. The group is meant to be a forum for all voices to be heard and a channel through which we can bring speakers, films, events, and especially knowledge regarding the subject to Wes. The first meeting is Wed. September 14 from 6-7 pm in Usdan Rm 110 and we’ll be having gourmet pizza!! It will be an introductory meeting/information session where we can openly discuss our goals for the semester.

What: YallaWes Meet
When: Wed, Sep 14, 6-7pm
Where: Usdan Rm 110

Food food food food food.