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BREAKING: Music House Moving into Eclectic’s House Starting Fall 2016

Last semester, students campaigned against Eclectic’s history of enabling racism and sexual violence with images like this.

NOTE: Updates are provided at the bottom of the post.

Thursday night, we received knowledge that Fran Koerting, Director of Reslife has reached out to the residents of Music House offering the program house the space of 200 High Street, home to Eclectic Society since 1906, for the 2016-2017 academic year. Koerting confirmed this at 12:15PM today and said that an announcement email will be sent around early this afternoon.

The residents of Music House, after discussion, decided that they would accept Reslife’s offer for the space, which the University has owned since the 1970s when Eclectic alumni sold the house to Wesleyan for $1. When asked about offering the space of 200 High Street, Fran Koerting stated:

Photo Evidence: Music House Gets Authored, Punished

Last night, industrial noise-maker Author & Punisher brought his doom-inspired sounds to Music House. If nothing else, the performance marked a special occurrence in my Wesleyan career: it was the first time I have seen an experimental musician make use of Eugene Onegin as live gear on stage.

Festivities kicked off with hardcore powerviolence quartet Backshi, whose subject matter is described as “pegging, bodily functions, queer shit, more hateful than ever.” Featuring Jason Kilbourne ’14, Stephan Stansfield ’13, Max Seppo ’14, and Mike Massone ’14, the band previously performed at last May’s Weezer/Green Day showcase. Their energetic stage presence and general exuberance leads me to endorse them enthusiastically for Spring Fling 2013. Here’s a video:

Mattabesset String Collective at Music House


Faculty/Staff String Band with Rebecca McCallum, cataloging librarian;
Marc Eisner, the Henry Merritt Wriston Chair in Public Policy,
professor of government; Gil Skillman, chair and professor of
economics; and Kevin Wiliarty, academic computing manager for the
social sciences. Performing in the living room of Music House.

Date: Tomorrow, February 20
Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Place: MuHo
Cost: $0

Mattabesset String Collective @ MuHo

Peeps back-on-campus, MuHo back-in-action. From Nora Dumont ’13 writes in about an event starring four faculty celebrities:

Faculty/staff string band, the Mattabesset String Collective, is making another musical appearance. They will be playing on the first floor of Music House.

The Mattabesset String Collective includes Rebecca McCallum, cataloging librarian; Marc Eisner, the Henry Merritt Wriston Chair in Public Policy, professor of government; Gil Skillman, chair and professor of economics; and Kevin Wiliarty, academic computing manager for the social sciences. The show is tomorrow night.

Date: Tomorrow, November 28
Time: 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Place: MuHo
Cost: $0

Featherwood Bee and Eppard at Music House

Adam Johnson ’14 submitted the above picture of a certain member of the band Featherwood Bee shirtless. Oh, there’s also text that goes with it:

Eppard is from Oberlin. Real good.

Featherwood Bee plays some good music too.

It’ll be really really cool. I swear. Kelly will probably take off his shirt.

  • Date:  Friday, November 18
  • Time:  10:00 PM – 12:30 AM
  • Place:  Music House
  • Cost:  Free!
  • Music by Eppard:  Soundcloud

Krill, Dead Wives, Life Size Maps @ MuHo

Krill is a fun sloppy rock band based in Somerville, MA, and Baltimore, MD, and prone to really awful “krill” puns. They’re playing MuHo tomorrow night, along with fellow out-of-towners Life Size Maps and Dead Wives, which both play poppy, garagey, tuneful sort of tunes and such. It’s free, and it’ll be a krilly good time, promises Daniel Ferm ’12:

This Saturday, September 24th, we have a rockin’ show at music house. Three out-of-town bands, Krill, Dead Wives, and Life Size Maps, are gracing Wesleyan with their ever-warming glowing warm glow. Come on down. It’s going to be a krilly good time. And it’s free.


More Feet Floxes Coverage

Congratulations again to MuHo residents on their performance last night of FleeFo’s 2008 self-titled debut. Earlier today, we threw a “White Winter Hymnal” video your way. Below, check out some still photos of the event.

Also also also: according to our exciting new poll, many (okay, 31) of you want to hear Music House perform Speakerboxxx/The Love Below next year. I’m pretty down with that. Anyone know if Lil Jon’s available?

Actually, though, what do you want to hear MuHo play next year? My poll’s a little farfetched, and despite my sincerest wishes, it probably won’t be Trout Mask Replica.  So weigh in with your own ideas in the comments. It’s never too early to start savagely dismissing other people’s taste.

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[images via R. Pincus ’10 +3]

VIDEO: Music house performing Fleet Foxes

Indie folksters Fleet Foxes came to our very own Memorial Chapel Tuesday night, in the form of the members of Music House. Following up last year’s performance of Funeral by Arcade Fire, the harmonizing prairie dogs gave the sizable crowd a warm and intimate rendition of Seattle band’s self-titled 2008 LP, punctuated by a rocked out cover of Mykonos from their Sun Giant EP (released the same year). People were clapping, dancing, and enjoying an all-around awesome Tuesday study break.

Check out a video of White Winter Hymnal after the jump.

Ishmael at the Music House

The second annual post-Zonker Harris Day Ishmael feet stomp will be going down this Saturday, April 16 at the Music House.  Bring your prefrosh to be corrupted!  New songs and liver poisoning synthesizers will be debuted.  And it’s free!

  • Date: Saturday, April 16
  • Time: 10:00 PM – 1:00 AM
  • Place: Music House
  • Cost: Free