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UsDen Launch!

In case you don’t neurotically check your email every ten minutes like everybody else:

Come hang out for the UsDen Launch tomorrow!

There will be tons of boardgames, live music, some SuperSmashBros on the N64, cool people to chill with, lots of free cookies and much, much more in the Multi-Purpose Room on the bottom floor of Usdan (B25).

UsDen is a new space for students to hang out together on the weekends in a relaxed and pressure-free environment, and will be open most Friday and Saturday nights for the rest of the year.

The Launch will run Friday night from 8:30pm to 2:00am, so come join us at your leisure and relax for an hour or two. We’ll see you there!

The Student Affairs Committee, WSA


Date: Feb. 24
Time: 8:30PM – 2:00AM
Place: The UsDen (Multi-Purpose Room, Usdan B25)
Cost: Free!