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Aural Wes First Meeting 2016

aural wes logoChris Gortmaker ’17 writes in:

Aural Wes’ first meeting of 2016 will be this Wednesday at 6:30 PM in Usdan 136. Many of us will have Usdan plates, as we will be experimenting with a groundbreaking new meeting/meal format. We may talk with our mouths full, but we will have good things to say!

So, if you’re passionate about Wesleyan’s music scene or feel like you might be (you probably will be soon enough), come and see what Aural Wes is all about. Experience in music journalism is by no means necessary.

We’re looking for writers, photographers, videographers, show-bookers, graphic designers, web designers, generally aural-oriented individuals and social media hype-machines. With Aural Wes, you’ll be on the beat of music happenings at Wes. From hanging out with touring groups that come through campus to covering the vibrant student music community, there are a ton of opportunities for awesome journalism waiting for you.

If you can’t make the meeting on Wednesday and still want to get involved, don’t hesitate to message us on Facebook or email teamauralwes[at]gmail[dot]com.

Date: Wednesday, February 3
Time: 6:30-8 PM
Place: Usdan 136
facebook event

“______ Fall Back”: On Concert Culture, Moshing and (Un)Safe Spaces

Almost three years ago exactly, I showed up to my first Eclectic concert, as a wide-eyed, naive pre-frosh, a total stranger to the “college music scene.” There was loud, thrashy music coming from the ballroom, where a small crowd was gathered. While dancing wildly around with all these strange older cool college kids, I thought to myself, “Wow! I am actually doing this. I am a skinny, lanky dude moshing! And it feels great! And I should totally come here and do this more!” And the rest was, as they say, history.

Vinyl Fantasy: The WESU Record Fair

No matter how you pronounce it, WESU wants me and you and everyone we know to come to the Record Fair this Sunday at Beckham Hall, 11 am – 4 pm. Why, you ask? Mary Barrett ’14 will (channel the radio station and) tell you:
  • Record fairs are great avenues for expanding your already impressive music collection.
  • The WESU Record Fair is FREE FOR ALL (open to the public).
  • There will be vendors galore, selling records, CDs, and posters. Posters!
  • WESU will be selling exclusive WESU merchandise.
  • You can enter a raffle to win a bunch of cool prizes; there’s gonna be a wheel!
  • FOOD TRUCKS will be posted up outside Beckham. And not just any food trucks: The Whey Station and Paul’s Ice Cream Truck.
  • DJs from our station (WESU) (in case that wasn’t clear) (from the rest of this post) will be spinning vinyl live all day.
  • You can literally get so much music for so cheap.
  • For all those WESU DJs-in-training, offering to help load/unload equipment just might get you a much-needed service hour.

Date: Sunday, April 15th
Time: 11 am – 4 pm
Place: Beckham Hall, Wyllys Ave, Middletown, CT 06459
Who: All ages
Why: Tunes ‘n food
Face: Book

Open Letter from the Eclectic Society

Eclectic has posted an open letter to the Wesleyan community on their website.

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Open Letter from Eclectic:

First, we want to thank you for your support so far. There are almost 700 signatures on the petition to overturn the House Hosting Ban. Musicians, event organizers, WSA members, faculty, enthusiastic students, and alums have expressed unease with the SJB and the administration’s actions in this case.

Unfortunately, President Michael Roth rejected our formal appeal. Before break, we were hesitant to release a factual public statement before we had gone through the provided channels of appeal, out of consideration for the pending status of our appeal, and the individual students implicated therein. Now that we’ve exhausted formal channels, President Roth is back from Asia, and we are all back from break, we turn to you.

Here are the facts as we see them: on December 8, the last day of classes, there was a party at our house. A neighbor called in three noise complaints in a row, with the intent of getting the event shut down. Some Eclectic alums had come to visit, and, disappointed that the event was stopped, moved upstairs to the Gote room with a smaller group of people. That gathering too was broken up, and the vast majority of guests left. An individual Eclectic resident started to play music in his room later, with no more than 10 friends. Public Safety stopped him. The SJB charged the Society as a whole for these infractions, despite alums and hosts’ willingness to take individual responsibility for their actions.

Our objection to this punishment is manifold: We were given an abbreviated hearing rather than a full hearing, but given a punishment that can only be dispensed by the full SJB. We believe that Assistant Director of Student Affairs Scott Backer, rather than the SJB as a whole, decided upon this ban. In the flurry of meetings that ensued with Backer, Dean Mike Whaley, and President Roth, Backer was inconsistent. The SJB sanction dated 2/26 specifically banned “performances, gatherings, parties, or any events”. After students expressed shock on Wesleying and other forums, Backer hastily sent us a new letter, back-dated to 2/26, with revised wording restricting “social events, parties, concerts, or other events that fit the requirements of the Social Event Policy”. Furthermore, Backer first told us that he was punishing irresponsible event hosts rather than Eclectic; however, in his formal “Rationale” for the punishment, he cited untried individual infractions of both members and non-members all the way back to September. He particularly alluded to guests who showed up intoxicated to our ticketed, non-alcoholic events, and required medical assistance. We are surprised to be punished for assisting students, none of whom were Society members, in what we thought was compliance with University expectations.

The student body and our Society are being antagonized for unrelated incidents that took place over a long period of time, rather than any specific, punishable incident. We believe that this punishment undermines the legitimacy of Wesleyan’s judicial system. Most importantly, we strongly believe that the punishment is overly broad, punishing not only Eclectic, but the Wesleyan student body: the dedicated hosts, musicians, organizers, and attendees that make Eclectic, and the Wesleyan campus, what they are. 70% of student-run events are scheduled to take place at Eclectic this semester. We hold Scott Backer accountable for his misled intent to squash student social life, just as he was misled when he suggested prohibition of alcohol on campus last year. We hold Michael Roth accountable for overlooking our appeal in favor of blind trust, despite the established appeals system.

We will continue to look to you for support in the coming week, and will keep you posted on our plans. Already, the Sound Co-op has expressed their solidarity with Eclectic and the student body, and disappointment with the administration’s complacency. We welcome any suggestions you might have for additional ways of communicating to the administration that student social life is not dispensable.


The Eclectic Society

Events at the WestCo Cafe

Looks like there’s a lot going on down there this Tuesday. Check it out:

1. Connecting the Dots of Climate Justice: Workshop / Strategy Session with Evan Greer of the Riot-Folk! Collective & Rising Tide

This popular-education workshop weaves together music, stories, guided discussion, images, and games to help groups to identify and understand the root causes of climate change and the related systems attacking our planet and our communities. With this knowledge, we will brainstorm creative responses that everyone can take part in.

Climate Change is too often framed as simply an issue of too much carbon in the atmosphere. Climate Justice is about seeing climate change as the product of hundreds of years of colonialism and other forms of injustice, and recognizing that the communities who will be most affected by climate change are the same communities who are already oppressed by this society.

Everyone has something to bring to the discussion, and we will cover topics and ideas ranging from gender liberation to community gardening. The focus will be on identifying ways to strengthen local organizing and connect with other social movements in our area.

Facilitator Evan Greer is a twenty-three year old activist, educator, and musician from Massachusetts. He tours internationally as a political songwriter and is a founding member of the Riot-Folk! Collective, a group of 9 musicians who work together to use their music to support grassroots justice organizing. Evan has spent time as a relief worker in New Orleans, a street medic at the G8 Protests in Scotland, and a youth and community organizer in Boston, where he currently lives. His deep involvement in movements for social and ecological justice gives him a unique perspective on the many ways that we can address the problems facing our planet and our communities.

Evan’s music is available for free download here.

Event: Climate Justice Workshop
: 10/21
: 4:30 pm
: WestCo Cafe

2. Free concert at the WestCo Cafe

(Broadcast Live)

Performing will be:

  • Broadcast Live, a live hip-hop group from Albany, NY.
  • Evan Greer, a radical folk singer from Boston, MA (who also happens to be facilitating a workshop at 4:30pm at the Cafe)
  • Crocodiles, a cool new band with members from The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, from San Diego CA
  • Fundamentally Sound, a awesome new campus band from 200 Church!

The show should go till around midnight! It’s free, but bring money for CDs!

Event: Free concert
Date: 10/21
Time: 9 pm
Location: WestCo Cafe

An evening with The Clack Mountain String Band

An evening with The Clack Mountain String Band, a talented young band from Eastern Kentucky playing some of the fastest, wildest dance tunes to come out of the mountains. See a video of them in action here!

Date: Thursday, October 2nd

  • 7:30-8pm – Flat foot dance workshop with award winning dancer Julie Shepard-Powell, from North Carolina. Learn how to dance like this guy.
  • 8-10 Music and Square dance! Banjoes, fiddles, and calling by Julie, who’ll call some boot stomping southern-style dances. NO EXPERIENCE necessary. Just bring yourselves, and your dancing feet!

Location: 92 Theater


AURAL WES is back in action after a long, slow summer, and we’re ready to start posting about bands other than boy crisis and bear hands.
exciting things:
the fall calendar is starting to fill up, with bands like au, double dragons, and the mathematicians slated to come to campus in october and november.
we’re getting gossipy this year, because we want to be more popular.
we’re looking (always) for new writers and contributors. if you’re interested, shoot us an email at auralwes [at] gmail.
if you’re organizing an on-campus show, house party, festival, or jam sesh, let us know. if you want to start a band and need a drummer, or if you just recorded an EP on garage band (use your better judgement on this one), or if you run a charmingly obscure tape label out of your backpack, you can let us know about those things, too, and we’ll do our best to cover them.