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Musical Madness IV: Competition between the Classes (entry deadline tomorrow)

To all you musical madmen, a message about this year’s annual Musical Madness competition:

Get Your Act Together and Feel the Love! Bring it on!

Acoustic, electric or a cappella
Ensemble or solo, original or cover, any genre
All performers must be in the same class year for ensemble entries.
Performances must be no longer than 5 minutes.

Very Decent Prizes for Best in Class, Best in Show & Judges’ Choice

Interested in performing? The entry deadline is Thursday, February 9 (TOMORROW)! Click here to submit entry form.

Actual Competition Date: Thursday, Feb. 16
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Place: Crowell Concert Hall


A Few Scenes From Musical Madness

These photos are courtesy of Michael Nakhla ’13. I unfortunately missed out on this musical battle between the classes, but feel free to litter the comments section with commentary/highlights/yr BNM picks.

A-Batte edit: From the Class of 2013 blog:

Best in Show: Lonesome & High – Nick Jackson ’11 and Michael Vitale ‘11

Best in Class 2013: Emma D. and Mel H. – Emma Daniels ’13 and Melanie Hsu ‘13

Best in Class 2014: The Fauver 3 – Ben Jacobs ’14, Ben Kafoglis ’14 and Leah Khambata ‘14

Judges’ Choice: Grandfather – Robert Caplan ’14, Henry Hall ’14 and Evan Low ‘14

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Come see a musical competition between classes that will be fierce. Acoustic or electric, original or cover, whatever genre—come support your classmates! Cash prizes for Best in Show, Best in Class and Judges Choice will be awarded by the Judge’s Panel. Lou & the Blues (including President Roth) will be opening!

Date:   Feb. 24
Time:   7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Place:  Crowell

Musical Madness: Competition Between the Classes

We have a call for performers for the unfortunately named Musical Madness:

Calling all undergrad musicians, singers, and performers!

Acoustic, electric, a cappella, ensemble, solo, original, cover, any genre of music – prizes for Best in Class, Best in Show, and Judges Choice.

All performers must be in the same class year for ensemble entries.  Performances must not be longer than 5 minutes.

Available equipment: 5 mics, a couple monitors, a drum kit, and a piano.  You need to bring your own amps if necessary.

Entry Forms can be picked up in the Deans’ Office (2nd floor in North College).

Return completed form to your class dean by February 17, 2011.

Musical Madness at Crowell

Come support your musically gifted classmates in Musical Madness, an inter-class musical competition:

Prizes for Best in Class, Best in Show, and Judges’ Choice

acoustic, electric or a cappella
ensemble or solo
original or cover
any genre


Here’s MRoth, some deans and other faculty members performing at least year’s show. Don’t think they were competing:

Date: Thursday, Feb. 18
Time: 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Place: Crowell Concert Hall
Cost: Free

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Musical Madness at Crowell Concert Hall

Musical Madness, the inter-class musical competition, is tonight at Crowell. President Roth opens on the harmonica, which is reason enough to go, but your classmates and deans will also be performing. Come show your support, and kick off your weekend with some great music!

Opening act Lou and the Blues and Michael Roth, followed by:

  • Banish the Rabbit
  • Skye LoGuidice
  • Toan Tran
  • The Walrus Hunters
  • Molly Baum
  • Elizabeth Gauvey-Kern
  • Off Constantly
  • Alex King
  • Phineas Gage & the Nothingheads
  • Calipigious
  • Mike Kuhn
  • First Aid Kit
  • Sweat Factory//Party Patrol
– Presented by the Office of Student Affairs/Dean’s Office

Date: Thursday, February 19th
Time: 7 pm
Place: Crowell Concert Hall