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Getting WesConnected: #CareerDrive

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Now that we’re a couple of weeks into school, you’ve probably already gotten your first big paper assignment, and are anxiously awaiting the all too soon arrival of your parents this weekend– now it’s time to start thinking about your plans for the summer. Or more importantly, if you’re a senior, your plans for the rest of your life. You can compare this to the yearly phenomenon of department stores selling Halloween decorations after Labor Day, or how Christmas season takes over right after Thanksgiving.  During a mandatory senior meeting a couple of weeks ago, we were encouraged to donate to the annual senior gift, since graduation is “right around the corner”.

To help us on this journey to employment, the career center has upgraded from MyCC to CareerDrive. In addition to MyCC’s history of taking advantage of student data, they actually went bankrupt right after Wesleyan decided to part ways (go figure). Not only does the new platform  provide us with features in several key areas where MyCC was severely lacking, but it’s release has also been paired with a series of workshops called Driver’s Ed. and a job search boot camp called Accelerate, both created to aid us on our #drive to success. [insert witty comment]. To understand CareerDrive better, I sat down with Rachel Munafo, the Assistant Director of Public Relations and Communications, who was able to help me discover some key features worth pointing out.

Getting WesConnected: The Job & Internship Search

Now that you know how to network, it’s time to put those skills to the test. Spring break is quickly approaching, (in t-minus 2 weeks?!) so it’s time to get searching. Lucky for you there are lots of WesSpecific resources to help you strategize. Don’t worry, Matt Donahue ‘14 (aka mister career center) and I have got you covered with another fun list of resources.

The Big Three

1.) MyCCMyCC is a sophisticated (?) job/internship board exclusively for Wesleyan students. This isn’t one stop shopping by any means (sorry Trader Joe’s fans). It’s more like a farmers market–you may find what you want (if it’s in season) or you might just find lots of turnips, radishes and brussel sprouts (aka opportunities that turn you off/not that we have anything against brussel sprouts). But fear not! You can shop at bigger stores as well (more on that soon).

  • Cardinal Internships – Cardinal Internships are select opportunities offered by Wes alumni/parents seeking to hire Wesleyan students to intern for their company or organization. These opportunities give Wesleyan students a competitive edge in the recruiting process. New internships are posted regularly and a full-list of opportunities can be found on your MyCC homepage under the Cardinal Internship one-click search. Current  Cardinal Internship Host Companies:  Beats by Dre,  The MINDS Foundation, Morgan Stanley, Sustainable South Bronx (etc…)

Apply to Creating Connections, A Networking Event

Matt Donahue ’14 writes in to share his wisdom:

Connect@Wes: Creating Connections
Creating Connections is a speed-networking event designed to help you polish and improve your networking and presentation skills and will help you put into practice much of what we discussed during our drop-in appointment. Once you apply and are accepted to the program you will be matched with Expert Advisors (recruiters, hiring managers, alumni & parents) for brief one-on-one sessions allowing you to practice your pitch and build professional relationships.

Career Outlook — Summer in LA

The Career Center’s Rachel Berman wants to help you join the Wesleyan Mafia:

Going to be in LA this summer? Check out these opportunities!

Our Winter Break Career Outlook now has a summer partner! For the first time, the Career Center is offering Career Outlook – Summer in LA. This job shadow program provides undergraduates an opportunity to explore careers by shadowing a Wesleyan alumna/us or parent in a particular field or industry during summer break.

This initial summer program will feature ten shadow opportunities from various industries, such as film, television, law, medicine, fashion and art. For summer 2013, most opportunities are day-long and may include observing a professional, sitting in on meetings, or participating in a specific project within the organization. Visit MyCC to learn more and to submit an application (Career Outlook is the employer).

The application deadline is 11:59pm on Tuesday, 5/7. Resume approval is required.

Questions? Email Jen Healey at jhealey(at)wes.