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Enormous Horde of Library Dwellers in Underwear Terrorizes Tiny Tour Group

“I can smell the people-in-their-underwear-ness.”

suggestive undiesThe practice of showing up in Olin Library’s Info Commons in one’s underwear on the Friday of WesFest, and trying especially hard to look studious and nonplussed, has become something of a time-honored tradition these days, and so has our practice of protecting the identity of all participants. This year’s, in my opinion, was particularly impressive. My little group—we had just gotten out of a class—ran over to Olin and, initially a little afraid to participate in the festivities, ran up to the third floor mezzanine and peered out the windows. We soon realized, however, that we were face-to-face with a group in that mezzanine’s symmetrical mate, and that the people there had indeed stripped down. We had no choice but to do so ourselves, except for one of our number who bailed on account of a “see-through” bra. Our reading selections included Lydia Davis‘s new chapbook about cows.

Unlocked Magazine General Interest Meeting

You need not get naked to attend Unlocked’s interest meeting tomorrow, but it probably doesn’t hurt.

For all the freshpersons out there (holla), Unlocked is a student publication. About sex. One time it was even featured on the Courant, and Gawker, because Wesleyan is, like, so edgy. From Elizabeth S. ’12:

This Friday (February 17th) Unlocked Magazine, Wesleyan’s student run Sex and Sexuality oriented magazine, will be holding a general interest meeting. Anyone who would like to join our staff or is thinking about contributing to the Spring Issue of the magazine should stop by! We need models, photographers, writers, business interns/organizers, and layout editors. The meeting will be held at 41 Wyllys Avenue (the new Career Center), room 114. If you can’t make the meeting or have any additional questions, please get in touch at unlockedmag(at)gmail(dot)com!

Date: Friday, February 17
Time: 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Place: 41 Wyllys (new Career Resquash Center), Room 114
Cost: your clothing

RIP, Tufts Naked Quad Run

“Even if I did not act now, [Naked Quad Run] would end some day. The only question is whether a student has to die first.”

For a school once known for naked parties, Wesleyan has been rather quiet lately. Ever since the administration shut down Art House (the annual party’s now defunct venue), wes may or may not be living up to its mention in this Wikipedia article.

Elsewhere, university administrators are cracking down on naked celebrations: at Yale and now Tufts, where President Lawrence Bacow recently banned the Naked Quad Run, an annual pre-Finals Week tradition dating back to 1970. (In previous years, NQR participators have been hospitalized for alcohol poisoning, as well as broken limbs. Think of it like TDF, but naked.) As President Bacow wrote in an op-ed last spring,

“Given that we can no longer manage the run, we cannot allow this ‘tradition’ to continue,” Bacow said in the op-ed. “Even if I did not act now, NQR would end some day. The only question is whether a student has to die first. We cannot allow this to happen, and the Naked Quad Run will not continue.”

Naked run participants were threatened with a full-semester suspension. Without a WesParty Guy to save the day, Tufts students took matters into their own hands: they held an “Excessively Overdressed Quad Stroll”:

Half-Naked Michael Roth Clones Appear in Olin, Terrorize Tour Group

Event organizer: “Fuck keeping Wes weird. As long as we keep it sexy, it’s peaches to me.”

Continuing a longstanding effort to Keep Wes Weird (and keep tour group moms thoroughly uncomfortable), students of all class years (and every underwear type) stripped down in Olin’s main floor at 12:15 this afternoon to the ______ [choose one: amusement/shock/disgust] of a group of spirited prefrosh. WHOO WESLEYAN CLOTHING OPTIONAL!!!!11

Below, some on-the-scene coverage of the event, with photos, umm—doctored to protect privacy. But first, I spoke with the organizer of Undies in Olin, who wishes to remain anonymous, about the inspiration, history, and existential meaning behind the event. Hir response in full:

Undies in Olin has been a longstanding tradition of much controversy and has lead to many a heated discussion. The event embodies topics ranging from gender roles to sexuality in Western society, but the big questions raised by the event are ‘What is our place in this world?’ Why are we here?’ These loftier questions were greatly the source of my inspiration in planning the event. I felt that letting this tradition die would amount to watching passively as culture slowly deteriorated in our modern world. Also, I like to see some skin every once in a while, you know? Like, there are some really sexy people at this school. And sexy in more ways than one. To me that’s what makes Wesleyan a great school. Fuck keeping Wes weird. As long as we keep it sexy, it’s peaches to me.

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Photoshoppin’ by David Shimomura ’13.