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Wesleyan Crossing the Delaware, Art Show

Ok really short notice for this, but the University of New Haven is holding an opening reception this afternoon for “Where Heaven Made Fun“, an exhibition by artist Nathan Lewis which features a number of paintings with Wes students in them – including “Till We Find the Blessed Isles Where Our Friends Are Dwelling” (the Washington Crossing the Delaware remake).

Among those depicted in the painting are Wesleying’s own Xue Sun ’08 and Xiaoxi Tu ’09, as well as Karimah Nichols ’09, Priya Ghosh ’09, Greg Silver ’09, and Jason Bigman ’10. Xue and Jason Bigman also appear in two other paintings in the show. And there’s an installation with a 17-foot-long sailboat.

If you missed the painting at Wes, you can head over to UNH until September 26th to check it and the rest of the show out.

Opening Reception:
Date: Thursday, September 4th
Time: 4:30-7:30 pm
Place: Seton Gallery, on the University of New Haven campus

Exhibition Hours:
Date: Through September 26th, 2008
Time: Tuesday-Thursday 1-5 pm, Friday 1-7 pm, Saturday-Sunday 12-3 pm

– UNH site: Works by Nathan Lewis at Seton Gallery
Driving Directions from Wesleyan

Blessed Isles

Remember the open call for New Haven artist, ex Wes prof and all-around badass Nathan Lewis‘s remake of Washington Crossing the Delaware? It’s here and it’s freaking huge. Peep the Wes cameos, including Karimah Nichols ’09, Priya Ghosh ’09, Greg Silver ’09, Jason Bigman ’10 and Xiaoxi Tu ’09 (twice)!:
“Till We Find the Blessed Isles Where Our Friends Are Dwelling”
Acrylic on Canvas

It’s showing at the John Slade Ely House in New Haven, and the opening reception is this Saturday from 6-9pm.

Wesleyan Crossing the Delaware

The photo shoot for Washington Crossing the Delaware is scheduled for Saturday, March 3rd from 11am to 1 pm in the Drawing Room at Wesleyan. All are welcome, but please drop an email to Nathan Lewis (nathan247@comcast.net) so he can get a basic idea of numbers.

You (posing) can be as outlandish as you want. Good poses/photos = immortality in paint and myth and the incredible envy of your peers (fame, fortune and everything that goes with it). Bad photos= a wicked ass fun time and some good party stories. Nathan will do everything in his power to get you in the painting. Info and updated state of project can and will be available here.

Props that would help: gas can, American flag, rope, anchor, ghetto blaster. Rule of thumb: Bring shit.

Washington Crossing the Delaware Remix

New Haven-based Nathan Lewis, ex-Wes drawing professor and one of my Top 10 People You Should Meet, has a dream: Remake George Washington Crossing the Delaware. He is putting together a group of people from all over the country –nay, world–and is looking to get some Wesleyan students together for some posin’ action.

What this would entail:

  • Taking poses from the original painting in a side lit situation
  • Playing the part in terms of expression, possibly including accoutrements of today’s culture (ipods, headphones, etc.)
  • Finding props that could serve for oars
  • Inventing some new poses that would qualify as epic.

So far, participants have hailed from California, Georgia, India, Bulgaria, and Norway. The idea is to get as many people as possible and have a photo shoot in the drawing studios once a decent number is accumulated.

Spread the word, and if you’re game, send an e-mail to nathan247(at)comcast.net with the subject heading “Blessed Isles”.

You can see more of Nathan’s art here. You can also watch him skydive.