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Who Doesn’t Love an Inspirational Post-it?

If you’ve been hanging around Olin and/or SciLi (gotta do my part to break down the Olin/SciLi binary), you may have seen some post-its with inspirational messages on them. These were written by Members of Active Minds, a mental health awareness and advocacy group on campus, as part of National Stress Out Day. National Stress Out Day is a program which Active Minds chapters put on during their finals weeks in an effort to increase awareness about stress and anxiety.

As part of National Stress Out Day, we are teaming up with P-Safe and tabling in Olin this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 7-9 PM. There will be free coffee and snacks and information about stress and anxiety.

Date: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Time: 7-9 PM
Place: Olin Lobby

For more info about stress, anxiety and ways to reduce both, check out Active Minds’ resources