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Interactive Field Guide: A “Visualizing the Environment” Exhibition

Interactive Field Guide Poster

From Kate Weiner ’15:

Inspired by the practices of some of the creative environmental artists that I met with during my “Visualizing the Environment” grant, my final exhibit will be a short and sweet interactive field guide to Wesleyan’s campus. We will start at 2 p.m. in the CFA courtyard with a mindfulness exercise guided by Katie McLaughlin before gravitating to the North College Lawn for a movement experience led by Jacob Musinsky and Chloe Jones. Afterwards, we will make our way to Earth House for a free meal to check out the environmental art show. This field guide will use a collaborative approach to cultivating experiences within Wesleyan’s shared spaces. Hope you can come and enjoy!

Date: Saturday, April 25th
Time: 2pm
Place: CFA Courtyard

First Workday at Long Lane Farm

Amy Mattox ’17 invites you to farm:

Do you like dirt? Chickens? Watermelons? Tomatoes? How about more dirt? Sunflowers? Fresh air? Wheelbarrows? Cute people in overalls? Thankfully you can have this AND more at Long Lane Farm! We are having our first workday of the year this saturday, from 10-2! Bring your bodies and your souls, bring your fearless green thumbs and starry eyes!
This is the perfect time to come out if you’ve never visited the farm before, whether you’re new to campus or very, very old!!!!

Date: Saturday, September 6th – today!
Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm
Place: Long Lane Farm

Procrastination Destination: Sound map of the world!

Need a break from final exams and cold Middletown winter weather? Take a vacation through sound with aporee.org’s sounds of the world map!

The website makes it easy to explore the world through clips of ambient sound that its users have uploaded. Just click on a circle on the map to hear the sounds of that location, while the map shows you a satellite image of the area. Your sound-vacation is mere mouse clicks away!

Read on after the jump for some cool sound-destinations…

Nature Reflection Walk

From Talia Baurer ’15:3338431271_JumpingInLeaves_xlarge

Enjoying the changing colors outside? Feeling reflective? Want a
little bit of exercise to work off all that midterm stress-eating?
Come on a reflective nature walk this Friday evening with the Jewish
community to start off autumn right! The walk will begin and end at
the Bayit, where Shabbat dinner will follow as usual. See you there!

Date: Friday, October 11
Time: 6-7 P.M.
Place: the Bayit, 157 Church St. (rain or shine!)

View with a Room: A Nature Lover’s Paradise


Though I cannot tell you who decided to christen this series  “View with a Room” oh those many years ago, and why they decided upon such a title, I can tell you that the view of Jason Tangson ’16’s room is a beautiful one—and it’s one that you can get a glimpse of outside the confines of this post.

“It’s like a fucking greenhouse in there,” says one freshman, who mentions seeing it on her way to Olin.

The abundance of  flora in his room, which include species like Wandering Jews, along with Iresines,  Aloes, Chinese Ferns, and a banana tree, will probably incline you to agree, though the artificial tiger, and the aquarium containing three Minnows, two frogs, and two Bettas (this kind, not that kind), tempt me to describe it as more jungle-esque.

The drawings on the wall, all done by Tangson, only add to the mystical-paradise aura of his room. My personal favorite is the large green face on black—done as an 11th grade project, and previously unnamed. Tangson now declares, “Let’s call it Peter Helman.”