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Bill Belichick ’75 Talks Football, Football, Wesleyan, More Football

Bill Belichick ’75, head coach for the Super Bowl-bound New England patriots and former Nics resident, had much to say about football during a Monday press conference: his football philosophy, his thoughts on entering his fifth Super Bowl in 11 years, his wide receiver Wes Welker. According to a NY Daily News report, Belichick also found time to slip in a shout-out to Ye Olde Wes in the midst of this footballmania. Asked by an unnamed Connecticut station what he gained from attending Wesleyan (where he played football, lacrosse, and squash and graduated with a BA in Economics in 1975), the coach responded enthusiastically:

A Connecticut television station wants to know what an education at Wesleyan University did for him. “Taught me how to think, solve problems, become independent, things like that,” Belichick says, sensibly.

A pitch fit for the Stewart M. Reid house if I’ve seen one. At any rate, Belichick’s fifth Super Bowl in little more than a decade is coming soon to a sweaty Fauver lounge near you this Sunday, February 5. You can read transcript excerpts from the press conference here, or a video clip here. Neither, sadly, seems to contain the Wes question. Belichick also notably celebrated his Wesleyan roots at a financial aid benefit in Boston in March’ 09; check it out, yo.