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Hot Take: New England Fall Actually Sucks


When I first told people that I had decided on Wesleyan (and then explained to them what/where Wesleyan is, I swear to god, nobody has ever heard of this school), they would say “Oh wow, fall is going to be so beautiful up there! You’re so lucky!” I entered my freshman year with a fervent anticipation of the legendary New England Autumn. I allowed myself to get swept up in the hype and the beautiful foliage. But now, in my junior year, I’m at home for the semester, and I can say definitively that New England fall actually SUCKS.

New England Culinary Institute Information Session

Jennifer Healey is hungry:

New England Culinary Institute is COMING to WESLEYAN!!

Join Joey Buttendorf, Chef of Student Advancement, NECI ALUM 2001, for a presentation about NECI’s programs of “Sustainability” in the Culinary and Hospitality Industry, Buying Local, and Farm to Table Concepts in Education and the Industry, as well as possible job opportunities.

The Lecture starts at 6 pm, and will be held in the Career Center Olson’s Common Area. Don’t miss the chance to learn more about the culinary industry and sustainability from the NECI, whose founder & President is a Wes alum!

“Vermont” Tastings, Coffee and Tea will be served.

Date: Wednesday, December 5
Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Place: Olson Commons, Career Center
Cost: Free

New England Campus Sustainability Forum

Haley Greenberg ’14 demands your attention:

Are you excited about sustainability and want to meet other people who want to make the world a better place?  Are you lucky enough to not have any Friday classes?

The first New England Campus Sustainability Forum is going to be held next Friday, September 21st from 8 AM to 5:15 PM at the Colleges of the Fenway in Boston (Wentworth, Wheelock, Simmons, Emmanuel, Mass Art, and Mass College of Pharmacy).

 The New England Campus Sustainability Forum is designed to build the skills that will help campus change agents advance sustainability programs at their institutions, including skills uniquely tailored to our region. The conference and its sessions are focused around this year’s theme, Leveraging Collective Resources for the Future, and follow three tracks, “Organization and Coalition Building,” “Campus as a Living Laboratory,” and “Financial Strategies.” The program is designed to foster conversation and linkages between all stakeholders, administrators, staff, faculty, and students in order to provide new insights on ways to think about and initiate campus sustainability programs.

 If you’re interested in going, register online and contact Jen Kleindienst, Sustainability Coordinator (jkleindienst[at]Wesleyan[dot]edu) to coordinate transportation.

Date: Friday, September 21st
All Day (8:00 AM-5:15 PM)
Boston, MA (Colleges of the Fenway)
Register by Wednesday 9/19

NY Times on Middletown Roof Collapse

“‘Bad as it may be, I love y’all’s snowfall,’ he said, mostly in jest.”

“The woods may be lovely, dark and deep, but for small New England towns like this one, snow no longer brings the peaceful sweep of easy wind and downy flake.”

It sounds like the opening narration of a bad M. Night Shyamalan film. Actually, it’s the lead sentence of an article in yesterday’s New York Times, which deals with the familiar enough Snow vs. Roof drama taking place across New England this season. The focus is on recent structural collapse concerns in Middletown, particularly that time a building on Main Street collapsed under the weight of snow.

The article provides an interesting glimpse at the Main Street businesses affected in the aftermath of last week’s frightening collapse:

Mitchell Wynn, 49, who owns Mike’s Barber Shop, was able to salvage his antique chairs and his marble work station and has found another shop a few blocks away. For now, his two sons are carrying on the business, with one cutting hair at his home and the other making house calls.