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Unofficial Orientation Series 2015: Making Friends

when you say you go to Wesleyan, people either say, "How I Met Your Mother!" or "...is that the girls' school...?"

when you say you go to Wesleyan, people either say, “How I Met Your Mother!” or “…is that the girls’ school…?”

Your time at Wesleyan is about to begin—tomorrow marks the start of the bizarre period known as New Student Orientation. You may already be in lovely probably humid and bug-ridden Connecticut, awkwardly sharing a motel room in Cromwell with your dad. As you drive around buying last minute supplies and fighting about directions, you might be worrying about making friends, but never fear! Here at Wesleying we’re always worried about making friends and we have some tips to help. (Thanks to daniphantom for the previous incarnation of this list.)

Join 8-to-8

8-to-8 writes in with the following:8ball2

Interested in joining 8-to-8, Wesleyan’s non-directive, confidential, anonymous, peer-run, and all-around amazing listening service? Come to one of our information sessions!

We’ll be meeting in the Usdan multipurpose room (in the bottom of Usdan) on Thursday 10/3 at 12, Friday 10/4 at 12, and Sunday 10/6 at 4:45.

We’ll discuss our listening philosophy and mission statement as well as the interviewing/training process for interested applicants. If you can’t make the info sessions but are still interested in applying for the service, email us at eight2eight[at]gmail[dot]com.

Date: Oct 3, Oct 4, Oct 6
Time: 12:00PM, 12:00PM, and 4:45PM respectively (see above)
Place: Usdan Multipurpose Room