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Spring Fling Housekeeping: Weather Forecast, Set Times

Here’s what’s up: the internet is declaring a 40% chance of rain on Thursday, which, on the bright side, means a 60% chance of No Rain, which is great because Blind Melon is totally headlining which is okay because weather.com is predicting “AM showers,” which shouldn’t be too big a deal given that the music isn’t kicking off until 12:45 PM, when Wesleyan opener Peace Museum takes the stage. That was a terrible sentence.

In the unlikely event that it does rain a whole bunch, Spring Fling will be moved to the ice rink—but that’s only in extreme cases, and it’s not especially likely given this forecast. So, you know, keep the hill clean. Err, I was wrong.

The order of the acts remains as previously announced, but here are the set times:

Spring Fling ’12: If You Book It, They Will Come

Yes, Virginia, there is a Spring Fling. Read on for the acts.

It’s almost May, and the rumors are flooding campus.

“I heard Spring Fling was canceled.” “No one is booked.” “Anwar was gonna headline, but then he backed out.” “We could only afford Afroman. It’ll be in the ice rink.” “Maybe it’ll be a Tupac hologram.” “Lightning Bolt is gonna play all three sets, but only if we dig a 6’x6’x6′ pit on Foss Hill for them to perform in.” Where’s the announcement?

You’ve been patient, so here’s what’s up. Yes, Virginia, there is a Spring Fling this year. The acts have been booked, the lineup confirmed—and despite popular belief, it’s not going to be a 3-D hologram of Tupac (though sources report that was M. Roth’s first choice for a headliner). Spring Fling Committee has compensated for the slight delay by including an extra act—four instead of the usual three—and the list looks pretty fantastically diverse to me: a minimalist producer-turned-critical darling, a fun synthpop duo, a Cali-based DJ, and a dirty south rapper. Thanks to the gruff-voiced FBI informant who whispered these names to me in the Court Street parking garage late last night.

In the order they’ll be performing in, here’s what we got: