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Procrastination Destination: The Return of Neopets and A Very Long Harry Potter Sorting Quiz


I’m actually brain dead so there won’t be any clever introduction to this. I’m just giving you the great procrastination ideas that you beautiful people all deserve. While completely avoiding studying for my final tomorrow I have rediscovered Neopets. Remember that great game that everyone played at some point from the age of 6-13? (If you still play it I’m not judging you, it’s literally amazing.) It teaches you all about taxes, banking, gambling, and life’s disappointment because did anyone ever actually get a goddamn rare negg or paintbrush?

I encourage you all to rediscover this fantastic game like I did when, instead of writing my Nietzsche paper, I made a Nietzsche neopet with only Nietzsche approved characteristics.





Alternatively, if you have scoffed at my first suggestion, you can take part in this great 125 comprehensive personality assessment that will sort you into the correct house at Hogwarts.

Enjoy while I start studying for my final tomorrow and cry while eating cold Sonic cheese covered tater tots.

Buy Tanks to Help Fund Nietzsch Factor’s Trip to Nationals


The title of this post gets much better if you omit the word “factor.” From Chris McGinnis ’14:

Nietzsch Factor (Wesleyan’s most ruggedly handsome ultimate frisbee team) is trying to go to Nationals in Milwaukee, WI, and we need your help!

To cut our lofty costs we are selling everyone’s favorite tanks in all new colors! Limited supply, so get them while you still can!

Date: Right now
Time: Right now
Place: Usdan, or they’ll come to you
Cost: Free
Facebook event: Yes

MGMT’s official “Kids” video

After releasing videos for a few less pervasive tracks from Oracular Spectacular over the past year, MGMT is finally out with one for “Kids”.

Directed by Ray Tintori ’06, the video is a whole six minutes long and jumps between live action, puppets, and a psychedelic cartoon, with a narrative pitting a terrified toddler against a slew of hellish monsters.

Joanna Newsom appears as a Bad Mother, carelessly toting the protagonist around while oblivious to the danger he faces everywhere. Who can save him from evil zombies and bad parenting? Team MGMT dressed in aluminum foil, led by a godlike Andrew VanWyngarden, that’s who. Unless entropy gets him first!

Just watch it:

(HQ here)

[via Carlo Francisco ’11/Stereogum]

That must be a well-adjusted kid – MGMT claim no children were harmed in the making of this video.

And yeah, that quote is not Mark Twain, it’s Nietzsche. Lulz?

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