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Spotted: Ninja Attack in Usdan

Photo by Leyna Donaldson '15.

Photo by Leyna Donaldson ’15.

From Leyna Donaldson ’15 comes this Pulitzer-winning photo of what appears to be the early stages of a ninja attack brewing in Usdan this afternoon. Curiously, the unnamed perpetrators were decked out in red-white-and-blue full-body attire. Still no all-campus update from Public Safety.

As Donaldson tells it, “The girls in the photo were dressed up and danced as part of a flash mob yesterday to support 1 Billion Rising. Dances and flash mobs happened all over the country yesterday to support women and the 1 Billion Rising movement.”

Want to caption the photo? Send your caption ideas to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org, with “Ninja Wes” in the subject line. We’ll award a prize for the best caption we receive, and your name will appear in next week’s New Yorker. No, but seriously, there’ll be a prize. 

Light My Fire

Good news, everyone! Bwair Wauwie ’12 has been hard at work with a tr33t 4 u:

Lions, bellydancers, ninjas, and more! A theatrical fire spinning
performance like nothing you’ve seen before.

Sponsored by Prometheus and the Adelphic Educational Fund.

Run Crew for Bat Boy: The Musical

Tamar Glatman Zaretsky ’12 want you to be on run crew for Bat Boy: The Musical, going up this weekend. I paraphrase:

Bat Boy needs people to dress like ninjas and move furniture.

Bat Boy needs people to dress like ninjas.

Bat Boy needs ninjas.

Email tglatmanzare@wes if you want to be a ninja. Or something like that. Show goes up Thursday. Cast party non-optional.