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Stephen Rossetti ’19 Wins In The CAC’s “Beard of the Year” Title

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Last week, the Wesleyan community buried its head in shame upon learning that no Wes football player made the Nothing But NESCAC All-Hair Team. Alas, it was a difficult pill to swallow, and we even did two different Zac-Efron-a-la-High-School-Musical dances (this one and this one) to prove we meant business.

However, things are already looking up in the world of NESCAC-themed blog hair rankings: Stephen Rossetti ’19, a frosh from Wesleyan, won the title of Beard of the Year from In The ‘Cac, beating out heavy hitters like Williams’ Vincent Molinari, Middlebury’s Logan Shrout, and Amherst’s Jackson McGonagle. He earned top marks for “fullness, precision, audacity, originality, and arbitrary gut-reactions” from In The ‘Cac’s editorial team.

Call for Submissions: No Shave November

IMG_2129Did you grow out your body hair for No Shave November? ‘Cause I did. Send a photo of your furry self to corroborate your experience to staff[at]wesleying[dot]org with the words “No Shave November” in the subject line. Include a little something about your body hair/November experience, whether or not you want to be anonymous, and maybe a fun fact or two. For inspiration, here are other examples of No Shave November and Novembeards (although all types of body hair are welcome).

Pics Or It Didn’t Happen: No Shave November

beardHey friends, whether you’re one of the 115 network members on a Wesleyan sports team growing out a mustache to raise money for men’s health (they’ve raised $7,492 already! What have you done this November?!), your razor recently broke, you think it might be fun, or you’re trying to bring down the patriarchy, Wesleying wants to see the body hair you grow in honor of this illustrious month. Send pics or videos or poems or other types of creative art submissions (for example, if you make a sculpture of your leg hair growth, we want to see it) to staff[at]wesleying[dot]org with the subject “hair” by the first few days of December. Here are some entries from last year for inspiration.

Novembeard 2013: Sparse but Satisfying


I woke up from my finals-induced stress nap and opened the Wesleying Gmail account. I clicked on the label marked “NOVEMBEARD.” My heart leaped–then I realized that only five of the submissions were from this year. I’ll admit it: I was a little disappointed. But then I looked at them. And they were glorious.

We got five submissions total, and each of them is a winner. If this is an accurate cross-section of the Novembeard results this semester, then there are probably a lot of beautiful beards out there that will go unrecognized today–but this is how it has to be. Nevertheless, this is a good payoff.

Wesleyan students: FEAST YOUR EYES.

Send Wesleying Pictures of Your Facial Hair

Don’t Be Shy. ;)

It’s that time of year. You’ve endured, you’ve prospered. You’ve sat through your grandmother’s complaints over Thanksgiving. It is time to reap what you hath sewed. Ye bearded men, ’tis the time to reflect upon what has grown upon your face. Snap a shot of your beard, ‘stache, fu manchu, or even neard (I myself won best neard two yeards in a row). The possibilities for categories are only limited by the possibility within your facial hair follicles. Help us make this roundup better than all the past years!

Before you shave, send your face to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org and put “NOVEMBEARD” in the subject line so we know what’s up. Also include a brief blurb or reflection on your beard, and specify if you want to be kept anonymous.

For past beard roundups, click here or here.

Novembeards: Photo-A-Day Project

Can you feel it in the air? That chill on your newly nekkid face? Mother Nature’s cold cold hands being wrapped around your soon-to-be-Chewbacca-level beard? Well, winter is coming it’s No Shave November once more and we want to see your awesome, rugged, testosterone-fueled, punch-Chuck-Norris-and-his-ugly-mamma-in-the-face beards! I love beards, and over the years it’s become clear to me that if you have a beard, in most situations, you clearly just don’t give a shit. Even though, with nine months of growth, I still look a ninth grader that got a little ahead of the curb, I too will be submitting my excuse for facial hair, which, I know, ladies, is tantalizing.

But this year I wanted to try something new. If you’re interested: Take a picture of yourself erryday over the next month and then send them to Wesleying at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org and I’ll compile them into a series of pic-a-day videos.

For all those about to beard, we solute you!

For past Novembeard coverage, click here, here, or here.

WesBeards: Another Thing To Put “Wes” In Front Of

No-Shave Roundup: “My beard enjoys long walks on cold days, shampoo, and fraternizing with fellow beards.”

“As to the whiskers, having never worn any, do you not think people would call it a piece of silly affection if I were to begin it now?” So wrote a beardless Abraham Lincoln to Grace Bedell, the 11-year-old admirer who first suggested that he “grow whiskers” before ascending to the presidency. Had Lincoln taken up residency at Wesleyan, it wouldn’t have taken him so freaking long: this campus has got more great beards than Jamaica’s got mangoes. Some of them look like muskrats, some Karl Marx, and many of them are thriving and growing all year long.

No Shave November is a week past. We howled, you submitted: beards, beards, and porno ‘staches out the wazoo. We’ve finished analyzing texture, follicle count, ‘stache, and general beardliness, and we are ready to post. This year’s submissions far surpassed the volume of last year’s. I suspect that has at least something to do with the efforts of one Jake Schofield ’12, who recently hosted the first ever No Shave party and celebrated “an ancient tradition.” Schofield reports: “Everyone won something, but only one manly man won the Best Beard award. It was unanimously decided that the manliest man of them all, Mr. Ofer Levy ’12, should receive this great honor.”

Click past the jump for Wesleying’s finest beard submissions and a full photo gallery.

No Shave No Mo’: A Call For Beards

[nggallery id=27]

Despite the frightfully muggy weather this week, leading researchers agree that today is, in fact, the last of November and tomorrow is, in fact, the start of Decembruary. For some, that spells despair. For others, a visceral sense of relief. The war is over. In a few shorts hours (EST), the (your) (our) (collective) Novembeard is complete. You can shave the growling groundhog off your cheeks.

But don’t. Not yet, at least. First, share the glory. This is a call for submissions: get your beard all wet and send it to Wesleying. Photos, mainly, though I guess we won’t shy away from physical evidence if you’ve got it. Or videos, paintings, x-rays, poems, artistic renditions, time lapse presentations—whatever best sums up your beautiful dark twisted Marx-meet-Hayes facial fantasy. Like last year, we are collecting beard submissions for a Beards of Glory roundup. Once again, every follicle helps.

The offer is open to Novembeard participants of any gender identity and all facial hair varieties: beards, mustaches, chin straps, muttonchops, anything. Please address all beard submissions to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org. Include “NOVEMBEARD” in the subject line, provide a bit of basic info about your beard, and let us know if you’d like to remain anonymous.  To see last year’s roundup, click here. (Oh, and click past the jump for an additional note from Jake Schofield ’12, who would also like to be in touch with committed No Shave participants for a riveting competition and eventual Novembeard party.)

Beards of Glory: A No-Shave Roundup

First of all,  check out the video below. If you’re in a more musical mood, this song will suffice, with this diagram as a helpful reference point.

Anyway. It’s December 7. We’ve spent a week collecting beard photo submissions from you and your filthy glorious fur-faced friends—analyzing the stubble, measuring shape and form, processing color. We’ve received neck beards (“neards”) and porn ‘staches, full beards and adolescent stubble, blond beards and black beards. Every hair follicle counts. There are, to be certain, some exquisite WesBeards  going on at this school—and no, they’re not all consigned to the month of November. Bravo, Wesleyan. You did good.

Without further adieu, here’s our long promised No-Shave Roundup: a photo survey of some of this campus’s finest Novembeards. Below is a quick photo slideshow, but click past the jump for more detail on some of the beards included in this post. And thank you, again, to all the lovely submitters.

[nggallery id=27]