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BREAKING NEWS: Irene headed this way!

If you’re like me, you’veĀ  watched dozens of your friends try to post something refreshingly witty on their Facebook, Twitter, etc. about the impending Hurricane doom looming over New England this weekend. Or maybe, in preparation for the start up of our new academic school year, you’ve taken to the ACB–only to learn that you can’t avoid the hype of Hurricane Irene. You’ve watched helplessly as baseball games are delayed or rescheduled, flights are cancelled, and yes, the most troubling of all, International Student Orientation is postponed. Rather than welcome our new international students of the Class of 2015 to Middletown with the onslaught of Irene’s wrath, Wesleyan’s administrative titans have decided to take a rain check on the first day of Orientation. For those of us already on campus, like myself, we remain hopelessly caught in the perils of Irene’s midst, or more accurately for now, Irene’s mist. More information snarky commentary after the jump..