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Become a Mentor with the North End Action Team


The one and only Kenny On ’15 writes in:

The North End Action Team (NEAT) mentoring program is recruiting guy mentors! The NEAT mentoring program is a program in which Wesleyan students are matched up with kids age 6 to 11 from the Middletown community to do fun things together such as go out for ice cream, do sports, watch movies, and much more. It is a program very similar to Big Brothers and Big Sisters except catered towards kids who could use a positive influence in their lives that reside in the North End of Middletown. The program is in need of guy mentors who can serve as role models!

The only requirements are that you like to spend time with kids and are regularly available for at least two hours on a weekly basis. Please feel free to contact with any questions.

Deadline: Friday, Feb. 7
Contact: mentoringneat[at]gmail[dot]com

MiddletownRemix Festival

Remix Poster

The MiddletownRemix: Hear More, See More – A Festival of Art and Sound, a massive event that the CFA has been preparing for for an entire year, is finally happening this Saturday afternoon! It is a celebration of the city’s acoustic identity, and will feature four world premieres of works commissioned for the festival, three live DJ sets, two art/sound installations, a laptop orchestra, a flash mob dance, food trucks, graffiti art, improv sketches, and a gallery walk.

When: Saturday, May 11, 2013 from 2 pm to 5 pm (be sure to arrive by 2:30 for the flashmob)
Where: Festival Information Center will be located in front of It’s Only Natural Market at 575 Main Street
Admission cost: Free
Facebook: here

This is a special chance for the university and town to come together and engage with one another on a more personal and interactive level than is usually possible. List of exhibits and events, map, flashmob dance video, and relevant links after the jump.

North End Action Team Mentoring

From Alice Goldsmith ’10:

Love kids? Want to know the Middletown community better?

Sign up to be a North End Action Team mentor! We will pair you with a kid from the North End of Middletown. The N.E.A.T. mentoring program pairs Wesleyan students with Middletown kids in order to create relationships within the community and give kids a college-age friend.

Contact Alice Goldsmith at agoldsmith@wes.

Computer science students needed

The Middletown Eye recently reported that students at Middletown’s Macdonough Elementary School will soon be using XO laptops in their after-school activities—yes, the XO laptop that grew out of the One Laptop Per Child project.

Now, the school is looking for computer science students who want to help the third, fourth, and fifth graders with the new laptops. Cathy Lechowitz, Director of Community Service and Volunteerism, writes:

Volunteer to help the XO One Laptop Per Child education project by learning and mastering computer programming skills while helping to teach Middletown’s North End Macdonough Elementary School third- through fifth-grade students to do so, as well. This project is to bring creative uses of technology to the low-income North End neighborhood, where the lack of income and resources stifles access to technology. Service learning at its best!

Contact Izzi Greenberg at 860 346-4845 if you are interested.

This Week: Voter Registration in Middletown’s North End

Starting tomorrow afternoon, Wesleyan students will have the opportunity to spend three days registering voters in the North End, “Middletown’s last truly urban residential neighborhood” right across Washington Street. The effort will be a partnership between two local grassroots organizations, Middletown’s North End Action Team (NEAT) and Wesleyan’s chapter of the non-partisan student organization Democracy Matters. This event gives Wesleyan students the opportunity to become engaged as community partners to North End residents, as well as an opportunity to work with and get to know local Middletown High School students.

Interested students should meet up with the NEAT organizers who will operate tables in Usdan 3-5pm on the afternoons of Tuesday-Thursday, October 14-16. There you will be given voter registration materials, instructions, and walking directions to certain locations in the North End, which is only a few minutes off campus. We will be canvassing several bus stop locations in the North End alongside the members of the Teen Dreams Society, a group of Middletown High School students interested in community engagement.

Thanks to this event and the efforts of the Teen Dreams Society, North End residents will have the opportunity to participate in the most important election of our lifetimes. All Wes students looking to get engaged in the community are encouraged to attend, even if just for a few hours. Go individually or in groups!

What: Register North End Residents to Vote
Who: Wes Students, Democracy Matters, NEAT, Teen Dreams Society
Where: Get started in Usdan
When: Any time between 3pm-5pm, Tuesday-Thursday, this week

Please contact Saul Carlin of Democracy Matters with questions by e-mailing scarlin at wes.