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3G iPhone :-)

For those not following Apple’s every move, or those who don’t care, Apple news is unavoidable! A few minutes ago they unveiled a new version of the iPhone and dropped some money off the price. That’s right current users, your pod is now obsolete. Of course, you’re still locked in for two years.

Live coverage from Engadget: here.

Superimposed Super Mario

Hey Wesleyan, it’s me Isaac. Yeah I’m abroad in Scotland but I’m still going to post random, awesome videos on Wesleying.

Normally when somebody uses an emulator to produce a video from a game, the emulator just shows their final trial. If they mess up and have to rewind 2 seconds and try a part over and over to get a jump right, all you see is the perfect jump in the video. However in this clip, you see every trial superimposed. The creator compares this to quantum mechanics, because eventually the 140 trials collapse into one successful run.

The video comes from Kaizo Mario World, a hacked version of super mario world made incredibly difficult. For more information or to create your own videos, check out this link. Even if you don’t care about the science, this video is really, really cool!

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With Valentines Day around the corner…

“Send that cutie who lives two apartments down the hall an anonymous message with new webapp HadToSay.com. Here’s how it works: you register for a free account at HadToSay, write your message, and send the message ID and PIN to the recipient via “masked” email or by printing out a card. (See the video for the card bit; it’s pretty darn cute.) Your recipient goes to HadToSay.com, enters their message ID and PIN, and they retrieve your message and optionally post a response. You never enter your or your recipient’s names, which is a good thing, because all messages are public and browseable. Looks like a fun way to send your special someone a little something to make them smile. As with all anonymous messaging tools, this could be used for good or evil—don’t be evil.”

via Lifehacker