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WesMaps 2013-2014. Great.

Don’t get up. Not even the pic WesMaps sent in is excited for this announcement.

wesmaps_buttonWesleyan officially released its course catalog for the 2o13-2014 school year on WesMaps this weekend. But trust me: it’s not really worth reading through.

I mean, sure, look at it for a second, if you want. It’s got all the courses that the school will offer for the next two semesters. I guess it would come in handy if you’re trying to work out your schedule. But other than that, WesMaps isn’t anything to write home about.

For one thing, WesMaps lists Christina Marie Othon as teaching four sections of General Physics I at the same time, M.W.F. 11:00AM11:50AM. Really, Christina? Four classes at once? Good luck with that. (I give her a week.)

As if that weren’t embarrassing enough for WesMaps, you know when Priscilla Meyer’s Pushkin class is scheduled to meet? “TBA.” Well, I don’t know if that’s an actual time in Russia, but where I’m from, TBA stands for “to be announced.” Even worse? The class’s location: “TBA.” Thanks for your help, WesMaps. I’ll just assume this course occurs all across the spacetime continuum. (Maybe Christina can help me figure this one out. If she’s not too busy teaching every class ever simultaneously.)

Wes Reference Dropped in 30 Rock Finale, James Marsden Remains Physically Attractive

Liz Lemon is still tryna hate on the Tech. This isn’t the first time the writer/compulsive overeater/occasional exotic dancer has unleashed her vitriol on Old Wesleyan. Fortunately, we here at the “Tufts of central Connecticut” have adopted what you might call a “my haters are my motivators” attitude and thus consider all press to be good press.

Said reference is made in regard to Lemon’s incredibly charming and really really really ridiculously good-looking new husband Criss, whose degree in ethnomusicology has landed him a job as a dental office receptionist. I, for one, respect Lemon’s main squeeze for recognizing the value of a liberal arts education, and for just generally being fine as hell.

Budding ethnomusicologists and/or dental receptionists can watch the episode here and are welcome to join me at a screening later this evening as an alternative to that sports battle everyone is so up in arms about. Night cheese will be provided. Watch the clip after the jump, and check out previous 30 Rock shout-outs here and here.