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Haven’t figured out what “GOTV” stands for yet? It’s “Generally Overcooked Tiny Vegetables”

“Is one free coffee all that stands between you and voting?” Alyssa Bonneau ’14 asks, clearly expecting you to answer “Hell yeah, yo!”:

Thinking about voting, but still on the fence about it? Sure you’re going to vote but want to feel like more of a champ when you do? This Tuesday come to Red and Black with an “I Voted” sticker and get a FREE small cup of coffee! (sorry to everyone who voted absentee)
 Sounds like a great opportunity, if you’re into drinking brown bean juice like a weirdo. Here’s some more supplementary information from Bonneau:
Couldn’t have said it better myself. Actually, I could have: “USA! USA! USA! Don’t forget to check out the deets on the Middletown ballot here.

Word: Today, November 6
Two Words: All day
More Words: Red and Black Café, 45 Broad Street

Taiko Bake (+ balls of rice) sale TONIGHT, in Exlayyy

Lila Beckerrrr ’12 throws a carrier pigeon through my window:

Bake Sale TONIGHT outside of SciLi  9pm – 1am! Kaze Wesleyan Taiko is raising money to bring taiko artists from all over the country to Wesleyan for the East Coast Taiko Conference, hosted this year by Wes. Come on by for some delicious baked goods and onigiri (Japanese rice balls)!

Date: Tonight, March 4th
Time: 9.00pm – 1.00 am
Place: In front o’ Sci Li