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Local Connecticut Middle School Bans Physical Contact

The East Shore Middle School in Milford, CT has decided to instate a “no-touching” policy after a recent incident in which one student was sent to the hospital from being hit in the groin. This bizarre ruling will undoubtedly have some peculiar consequences. Do you think it will help or hinder the students’ interactions? Opinions, leave them in the comments.

“Observed behaviors of concern recently exhibited include kicking others in the groin area, grabbing and touching of others in personal areas, hugging and horseplay. Physical contact is prohibited to keep all students safe in the learning environment,”  wrote Principal Catherine Williams.

Students and parents are outraged. They said the new policy means no high-fives and hugs, as well as horseplay of any kind. “Potential consequences and disciplinary action may include parent conferences, detention, suspension and/or a request for expulsion from school,” Williams wrote.

Many think the school’s no tolerance policy goes way too far. Others said it’s utterly ridiculous.
“What if they are out on the playground at recess, or in gym class?” parent Kathy Casey wondered. “You know, gym class is physical.”

[via CBS by way of HuffPost]