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Skidmore…Has Sex!

Turns out that the students of yet another institution of higher learning also have sex. In keeping with the efforts of Wesleyan Uncut and those of the Oberlin Sexual Information Center, a group of students at Skidmore College declared their support for Planned Parenthood and Title X with a similar video (check that shoutout at the end):

Additionally, the folks at Dizzy Peoples Comedy lent their own unique brand of advocacy to the cause with the following parody — upon viewing it, you might recall the Ampersand’s take on this shizz.

Oberlin Has Sex!

Yesterday, Oberlin College’s Sexual Information Center and Students United for Sexual Freedom posted the above video, entitled¬†Oberlin Has Sex! They say this about the video:

Recently, students at Wesleyan made an incredible video protesting the potential federal defunding of Planned Parenthood. They’ve called for other college campuses to make similar movies, and Oberlin College has responded!

They then quote the same letter included below the Wesleyan video. Good to know that other colleges have begun picking up the message.

For information on more places the original “I Have Sex” video has appeared in the past few days, check the EDITS section at the end of the original responses post.