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“Obvious Child” Screening + Intro to Reproductive Justice on Campus


Julia Vermeulen ’15 writes in:

Bring your friends/lovers/pre-frosh/parents to a FREE screening of the 2014 rom-com about a young, New York City comedian (played by Jenny Slate) who gets pregnant after a one-night stand and decides to get an abortion.

The film will be introduced by leaders from the Clinic Escorts, the Wesleyan Doula Project, and the Adolescent Sexual Health Awareness(ASHA) groups on campus, who will speak for a minute about the reproductive justice work they do and how you can get involved!

“Obvious Child” trailer here

Date: Thursday, April 16th
Time: 7:00PM
Place: Judd 116

Film Series: Obvious Child

2014. USA. Dir: Gillian Robespierre. With Jenny Slate, Gaby Hoffmann. 84 min.


In this humbly subversive rom-com, a twenty-something comedian gets more than she bargained for when her drunken one-night stand gets her pregnant – just in time for Valentine’s Day. Slate gives a stellar turn as a young woman adrift in her newfound adulthood, while the film balances plenty of laughs with an earnest and refreshingly honest handling of the unwanted pregnancy.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / $5