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Gunfire, Car Chases, and Bombs Reported in Watertown, Mass, Livetweeted by Wes Alums

Wes alums Jared Keller ’09 and Phil Ross ’12 are tweeting live as the story develops.

Police scene at MIT, via MSNBC.

Police scene at MIT, via MSNBC.

We usually stick to Wesleyan-centric news,  but it’s hard not to be alternately captivated and terrified by the news coming out of the Boston region right now, in Watertown, on MIT’s campus, and within miles of Tufts. Several hours ago, MIT posted an alert about an active shooter on campus and later reported that a campus police officer was shot and killed. Meanwhile, in nearby Watertown, there have been “reports of violence and an extremely heavy police presence,” according to NBC. Witnesses have been reporting gunfire, loud booms, and a police chase. You can listen to the Boston Police Scanner here, though it remains entirely unclear if the situation in Watertown is related to the shooting at MIT or, as some have speculated, the Boston Marathon bombings:

The situation seems to have culminated in a massive police standoff. As the Times reports:

Wes Bus to New York City

What better way to celebrate 4/20 than by spending four hours in the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Amy Bello of the Wasch Center for Retired Faculty sends in a modest proposal:

The Wasch Center is sponsoring a bus trip to New York City on Saturday, April 20th. Student tickets are $35 each, available at the Wesleyan box office beginning Friday, March 29th. Bus departs Wyllys Ave at 8:00am, disembarking at Metropolitan Museum of Art. Bus re-embarks behind St Patrick’s Cathedral at 5:00pm for its return to campus. For more information email abello(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

Date: Saturday, April 20
Time: 8:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Place: “The Big Apple”
Cost: $35 for a ticket, plus whatever the Halal Guys are charging these days, I guess

Collaborate For Success Info Meeting

Collaborate for Success

Leah Temes ’13 brings you an education opportunity you won’t want to miss:

Join Collaborate For Success, a new student group dedicated to bringing together Wesleyan students with local high school students for tutoring and enrichment sessions. Get involved in the local community and gain experience in the field of education!

Email me at ltemes(at)wes(dot)edu if you have any questions!

Date: Sunday, January 27th
Time: 5pm
Place: Exley 141
Cost: Freeeee

Call for Middletown Photography Submissions


Aletta Brady ’15 wants to see some pictures of Middletown:

We want your photos of Middletown, CT for an exhibit at the MAC650 Gallery opening on May 10, 2013 (in collaboration with the “Hear More, See More MiddletownRemix Project” curated by Caroline Reeves). Submission deadline is April 1st, 2013. Please contact: Carolyn Reeves, carolyn.mac650(at)gmail(dot)com.

Contact: carolyn.mac650(at)gmail(dot)com
Deadline: April 1, 2013

Turkey: A Thanksgiving Abroad Blog Round-Up

This Thanksgiving, take some time out of your gluttony to remember the expatriates who can’t sit down to their tables stateside. To abroad students, today is a whirl of homesickness, isolation, and hunger pangs. So consider this post an expression of our gratitude to those who are living the American dream, from Delhi to Denmark. Thanks, folks, for responding to the call we put out earlier this semester; we hope to increase your readership one thousandfold.

Check out these fine Wesleyan abrogs below!

Middletown Encuentro: Community Dialogue on Shared Struggles

From Daniel Plafker ’15 who sent us a model event submission (props to you, bro):

A horizontal, democratic moment of encounter for the Middletown community, Encuentro is a concept developed by the Zapatistas of Mexico and since adopted by communities in resistance around the world. It is a place for dialogue about the shared struggles that bind us: a gathering of individuals who are struggling for housing, education, health, freedom, justice, love, a voice, a space to exist, peace, respect, themselves, for our community, for our dignity, and for humanity.

Encuentro is organized by a coalition of Middletown locals and Wesleyan students. Come together to share a free meal, to listen to music, to build solidarity, and to discuss the urgent need for action. Ongoing discussions include the establishment of a community police watch, collective debt resistance, and a free people’s garden.

The first step in addressing the class antagonisms that manifest in violence between our fellowMiddletown residents is to encounter each other to see where our struggles intersect.

This is a place for immigrants, workers, students, the unhoused, and the unemployed to unite around our shared humanity and organize for our collective future.

Date: Saturday, November 17
Time: 1:30pm-5:00pm (Wes students can take free van from Parking Lot C – Corner of Church and High @ 1:15pm)
Place: Founders Hall, Middlesex Community College
Cost: Free
Facebook: See the full events schedule

The Winter Sounds at the Buttonwood Tree

Happenin’ tonight right on Main Street, from Laura Bliss ’12:

Nashville-based The Winter Sounds take the stage at The Buttonwood Tree for what promises to be an unforgettable night of music and storytelling.

With influences ranging widely from gypsy jazz to punk rock, the Winter Sounds will present new songs and old favorites in an exciting and dynamic indie-rock style.”

Date: Tonight, October 20
Place: The Buttonwood Tree, 605 Main Street
Time: 8:00 PM
Cost: $8, or $5 for Wes students


“Study Abroad allows people to leave their current educational institution and spend a semester or a year in Europe or Australia. Though study abroad are offered to other places, these two are the overwhelming favorites.”

Sup, midterm warriorz? Approximately eleven days ago I posted a wildly successful roundup of blogs belonging to Wesleyan students overseas, whose ramblings you can access on WesStudent from good old Middletown: Notes from the Study Abroadosphere. This roundup represented blogs coming at you live from France, France, France, Ireland, and Australia. Apparently there are other countries you can go to. In fact, Wesleyan students are occupying cities all over the globe, it turns out, and not just because they’re protesting the phallocentric corporate plutocracy.

Click past the jump/continental divide for more blog submissions.

Missin’ Wes?

Thinkin' 'bout WesWe always scuttle away from school after finals with sighs of relief and fist pumps of excitement, but it’s understandable to miss Wes after a couple of weeks.  After all, we do spend the greater part of three seasons there.  Depending on what exactly it is that you miss, there are probably things to do in your area that you can use to satiate those Wes-related cravings.  Here are my suggestions for free activities, with some examples from my hometown, New York.

I miss… So I’m going to… In New York…
WesPeeps Get in contact with any in your area.  Form a Facebook group.  Maybe get super-stalkerish and look up addresses in the directory. It’s not that hard.  There is, however, a Facebook group for people in and around New York this summer.
Grassy spots like Foss or the butthole There’s got to be some grassy meadows and hills in your area.  Or, since its summer, chill out at the beach instead. Any real New Yorker knows that there’s no scarcity of greenery here.  There are plenty of parks—Central Park has plenty of hills to camp out on and I personally love the casual atmosphere of Bryant Park.
Hipsters You can be your own hipster. Brooklyn has a neighborhood or two.
Olin (yeah, right…or maybe to do something else in the stacks?) My local library The New York Public Library, 5th Avenue and 42nd Street, is a grand choice.
CFS Film Series Most cities have film series available, easily searchable online.  Try major foundations or public parks. HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival, Central Park Film Festival, River to River, Summer on the Hudson
Theater (CFA, SecondStage) Public theater is everywhere.  Even if you’re in the middle of nowhere there’s probably at least a school play. Shakespeare in the Park is free, and discounted Broadway is available through
Music There’s free music playing everywhere, from city subways to suburban centers. This could go on forever, so I’ll just mention that GMA and the Today Show are hosting morning concerts with acts such as Lady Gaga and Rascal Flatts.

As for Freeman, while there’s some free services in cities, you just might have to get that gym membership.

ROTC is Controversial Issue on Campuses Once Again

12030__330__This year, Wesleyan has its first ROTC trainees ever – Marty Buxton ’12 and Lowell Wood ’12.  According to an Argus article, Wesleyan has never had an ROTC program because of lack of interest. The students travel to UConn and Sacred Heart for their classes.

Despite our anti-war slant – I remember seeing the “Divestment Office” tent next to Admissions as a prefrosh – Buxton and Wood said that students and professors have been supportive and respectful of their service.

The ROTC program has been praised for inspiring leadership in students, and its payment of college tuition.  However it is also fraught with controversy – in my high school, parents could sign a waiver against having ROTC contact their students and ROTC recruiters were eyed with suspicion when they visited our cafeteria.

A New York Times article in the Education Life section shows that renewed interest has become a trend on many college campuses – however, unlike Wesleyan, these elite schools – Harvard, Yale, Brown, Tufts, among others – outright banned the presence of ROTC in the 1960s.  Some of the schools try to support students that take ROTC courses at other campuses, and provide transportation.  Harvard, however, still has a strict ban and does not provide transportation.  President Drew Faust says that the reason for the ban’s continuance is not pacifism; the army’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy does not align with the university’s anti-discrimination stand.

Should these schools lift the ROTC ban?  Discuss.

Wesleyan Argus: Campus Boasts First ROTC Trainees
NY Times: The ROTC Dilemma

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