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Back From High-atus: Giant Joint for WSA

Roll Out The Old, Roll Up The Joint, Write In The Name

Write-in “Giant Joint” in this year’s WSA Presidential elections. Your vote counts!

Despite an overwhelmingly successful campaign last December, Giant Joint was denied hir rightfully elected seat on the WSA. However, the political influence of Giant Joint has proliferated at Wesleyan throughout the semester, culminating in public demonstrations and peaceful protests this Tuesday, April 20. Thanks to overwhelming student support, personal allocations of the Green Fund, and many nimble fingers and minds, Giant Joint is proud to announce that ze has officially completed the enrollment process.

That’s right. Deep down, Giant Joint really is a regular student just like you.

No other candidate fits so well with every party… every weekend, every time.
However, ze is no keg-hound. From the earth and down-to-earth, Giant Joint is always there for deep and meaningful conversations. Not to mention, your music will sound better and your food will taste better.
Keeping a sticky finger on the pulse of America, ze even engages with the sprawling landscape of political discourse on Twitter.

Fellow Wesleyan students, it is now up to you to become a part of hirstory. Remember, you don’t have to light up to lighten up. Polls close at midnight tomorrow; don’t space out on this one. It’s Time For Change: Vote Giant Joint!