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Well, what else do you expect us to do with a pile of snow?

From Stacey Phelps of ResLife:

Dangers of Igloos and Snowpiles

Last night, some students were in an igloo that had been dug out of one of the piles of snow which a plow was about to push back. Had the operator not seen them, they could have been seriously injured. There also is the added danger that such structures may collapse while students are inside them. Although we completely understand the appeal, please do not create or hang out in such structures.

In addition, please keep in mind the decreased visibility created by the large snow piles on some of the streets, whether you are walking or driving, and exercise extreme caution.

Thank you, and enjoy your weekend!

Residential Life


Snowpocalypse Now: The Sequel

Haha, this is what the view from my back door is. I cannot physically open the door.

I would like to note that the two car-shaped lumps at the bottom of the stairs were once, in fact, cars. Both came to Wesleyan from Atlanta, GA and the poor little guys probably don’t know what him them. We’ll get you out in April… just hang in there, buddies!

So what’s it like out there? Give us reports from the outside. And go make a snowman! Or snowoman or gender-fabulous person perhaps!

XTREME: Snowboarding on Foss Hill

Some enterprising winter sports enthusiasts took a snowy Foss Hill to the next level over the weekend, by packing enough snow together to make an enormous ramp in the middle of the hill.

Yannick Bindert ’10 and George Bennum ’09 took full advantage – check out some dramatic photos of their snowboarding/skiing session, overlooking a frozen Andrus Field:

[nggallery id=2]

[Photos via Facebook, courtesy of Yannick Bindert ’10]

Gmail Switchover

So, like we said before, ITS is switching webmail over to Gmail. By the look of the shoutbox, folks have some questions about all the finicky details, like, “how do I get my old emails back?” C’mon guys, new year, new start. But, if it’s really that important to you, check out the ITS Blog featuring the FAQ and How To’s. Sheesh, some people have no sense of adventure.

Also, please don’t call me directly, but you might catch me picking up the ‘phone at Helpdesk – 860.685.4000. Then again, you might not – I’m still in NH at the moment. Everyone else driving home (sorry Mom, I mean back to college) in the snow, be sure to drive safe. /PSA