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Wesleying’s MoCon Retrospective: Part 3- Traditions

Seniors, it’s just about time for you to wrap up your work at Wes and ride off into the sunset with your fancy new piece of paper. There is, however, one last tiny bit of business to take care of before you graduate. (Let’s pretend you’re actually reading this on the Saturday before graduation.) As the last students to have experienced MoCon’s magic, it is up to the Class of 2010 (what what) to bring this magic to the next generation.

We’ve talked about MoCon’s lovable key players and the Mokes-inducing cuisine. But let’s be real here—MoCon was never just about eating. Eating is for state schools. In this last chapter of the MoCon Retrospective, let’s look back at what we actually did in the cylindrical dining hall where fun came to LIVE.