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Choi ’12 Dance-Off: “What Makes You Beautiful”

Esteemed Wesleying blogger emeritus sneakergaze sends word of yet another viral sensation clogging up the Wesleyan YouTube channels: a dance video to One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful,” starring Sam Choi ’12 and filmed by Brian Lau ’12. Fans of Mark Nakhla ’13’s sign language music videos will recall Choi’s intense spotlight in “No Church in the Wild,” where he merged dance with sign language against a series of Memorial Chapel settings. This time Choi takes the lead (without the sign language), bringing the routine from Foss to ST Lab to last Sunday’s Commencement ceremony(!). Choi writes:

This video is dedicated for my senior year class. Let’s go Wesleyan 2012! As we end a great chapter and start from scratch again, I hope this video will make you feel a bit nostalgic about Wesleyan and remind you of an once in a lifetime experience that we all shared. My four years here have changed me for the better, and I hope that it has changed you all for the better as well. Keep pursuing your dreams and become inspirations for the following generations. Love, Sam.

For previous Choi moves, hit up “No Church in the Wild.”