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Middletown Patch Seeks Student Contributors

Our friend Cassandra Day over at Middletown Patch is seeking WesKids to aid in her mission of covering everything that ever happens in Middletown ever:

Middletown Patch welcomes story ideas, news tips and updates from Wesleyan student activities on campus. We’d like to incorporate more of what’s happening at Wes on our site. There are several ways to share interesting and quirky goings-on with Middletown Patch readers.

First, sign up as a Middletown Patch user.

You can blog. Already we have the super-prolific WesStuffed ladies posting about all things edible around Middletown and the Center for the Arts blogging. Here’s how.

Post events happening on campus that are open to the public. Here’s how.

Wes launches Facebook Competitor


"Being a Stalker"

Well guys, in an unprecedented feat, Wesleyan has thrown itself onto the forefront of progress on these internets.  Instead of outsourcing to Google, we’ve beat them to the punch.  Google has been trying to craft a Facebook competitor, and everyone knows Facebook serves one and only purpose: stalking.  If you want to talk with people, you can just go to the ACB and be a homophobic, antisemitic misogynist even though you’re a female-bodied queer Jew in real life.  Or maybe you could interact with people in real life (yeah right, bro).  The Wesleyan version cuts to the chase, giving you a picture of the person and where to find them.

We’ve always had the stalker guide, but on September 15th, it’ll be new and improved!  Based on Dean Culliton’s email this morning (let’s not kill the messenger), let’s look at the pros and cons: