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Special Collections & Archives Open House 5/27/17

From SC&A:

Everyone welcome! — students, graduating seniors, alumni, friends and family.
Drop in at the University’s Special Collections & Archives to show your friends and family the impressive Davison Rare Book Room. If you are an alum, remember your student days through the yearbooks, The Argus, Hermes, face books, and many other historical Wesleyan materials, which are available here. Chat with SC&A staff about the riches of the University’s rare book collection and how it supports Wesleyan’s educational mission.

Date: Saturday, May 27
Time: 12-4 PM
Place: Special Collections & Archives, Olin Library

New Horizons Supply Donation Drive

From Owen Christoph ’18:

Open House x Light House x Unity Group are doing a supply drive! All supplies will be donated to New Horizons, a domestic violence support organization which serves the Middletown community.

New Horizons is looking for:
– rain jackets (kids & adults)
– umbrellas
– art and craft supplies
– cell phones

Please stop by Open House on April Fool’s Day (Saturday, April 1st) and drop off what you might have!

Date: Saturday, April 1
Time: 9-11:30AM
Place: Open House (154 Church St.)

The Straights Are At It Again: Conservative Pundit Targets Open House, Self-Owns on Twitter

Bigmouth strikes again.

Where to begin.

It’s been all of ten days since Trump was elected president, and if you’ve made the mistake of being glued to social media like I have, you’ve seen the dozens upon dozens of thinkpieces trying to explain just why an Internet troll was chosen as the most powerful man in the world.

We’re not going to talk about that. We’re going to talk about Sohrab Ahmari, Open House, and how one tweet intended as a brutal takedown of PC culture became the best source of schadenfreude all year. (Well, the second best.) Read on, kids:

Prefrosh Open House: A Day of Student Protest


If you are a current student and were around campus at all yesterday, you likely saw hundreds of posters in Exley, a performance installation outside of North College, and/or the interruption of campus tours.

The multitude of actions occurring yesterday came in concert with October Open House, a yearly event put together by the Office of Admission. Yesterday’s open house (and the next one on November 11th) comes prior to Wesleyan’s November 15th deadline for Early Decision I, and is intended to give prospective students a more in-depth view of Wesleyan life than the normal Admissions programming.

A number of students have been organizing in response to conversations that happened at last week’s WhoRunsWes town hall, where more than 200 students reached a consensus to push for the removal of Antonio Farias and Michael Roth from their positions at the University. The intent of these actions was to highlight administrative failures, disrupt the Wesleyan brand, and make visible the pain students have experienced due to the institution’s shortcomings.

Read past the jump for more on what transpired, images and a video from today’s actions.

COL Open House

colFrom Sun Lee ’17:

Open house reception for prospective COL applicants will be held on Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 4:30 PM in COL Library, 41 Wyllys Ave (3rd floor). This year the deadline for applications is Monday, March 27, the first day after Spring vacation.

Date:  Wednesday, October 12
Time: 4:30-5:30PM
Place: COL Library (Boger Hall fka 41 Wyllys 3rd Floor)

WESU Open House

wesu 2016 sticker logoFrom your friendly neighborhood radio host, Ben Goldberg ’17:

WESU is having an Open House for any interested students or community members for WesFest! Come on down to the station this Friday from 12pm-3pm. Take a look at all of our studios (we have three newly renovated studios!!!), check out our huge music library, and talk to WESU staff members and DJs about the station and about how you can get involved!

WESU is located at 45 Broad Street, next to Red & Black and the Argus. Invite your friends! We can’t wait to see you there!

Date: Friday, April 15
Time: 12-3 PM
Place: 45 Broad Street (WESU offices)
facebook event

African Studies Open House

african studies open houseHEY!

Meet the African Studies Faculty and learn about the NEW African Studies Minor! The African Studies department offers courses in History, Music, Dance, Art History, Literature, Economy, and Government.

Date: Friday, April 1
Time: 12-1 PM
Place: PAC 422

Philosophy Social Justice Open House Luncheon

phil sj trackInterested in the philosophy major?

Come and learn about Philosophy as a major and about our new Social Justice track. The social justice track recognizes that philosophers since antiquity have not only asked questions about what social institutions are needed to achieve justice, but have also worked as social reformers to promote social justice.  Philosophical methods of conceptual and contextual analyses and careful argumentation provide important tools for grappling with real world injustices.  The social justice track allows students to develop their philosophical skills to address questions of human rights, equality, and social responsibility. More info available here.

Date: Tuesday, February 23
Time: 12 noon
Place: Russell House

Philosophy Department Open House & New Social Justice Track

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 8.11.45 AM

From Colleen Pedlow ’17:

Are you passionate about social justice issues? Are you interested in exploring how individuals and social institutions can promote justice? If so, come to Russell House at noon this Thursday to learn more about the Philosophy department’s exciting new social justice track! Thai food will be provided.

The social justice track seeks to recognize the importance of philosophy in addressing questions of human rights, equality, and social responsibility. Philosophical analyses paired with careful argumentation provide important tools for grappling with real world injustices. Students who choose the social justice track will have the opportunity to build their own social justice concentration within the philosophy major composed of 5 courses centered on a topic of their choice.

All students who are interested in, or curious about, pursuing a major/minor in philosophy are welcome to the department’s open house this Thursday. Come to ask questions, meet students and faculty and enjoy a delicious meal!

Date: Thursday, November 5
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 PM
Place: Russel House

History Department Open House

From the History Department:

Interested in History? Considering a history major or minor? Come to the History Open House. Meet students and faculty. Discuss potential careers and enjoy a Pizza Lunch!

Date: Tuesday, November 3
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 PM
Place: CSS Lounge, PAC, 4th Floor