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The Redprint: Episode II


From Olayinka Lawal ’15:

The ultimate crash course on taking advantage of Wesleyan! Need to know what resources are available to you on campus? Get ahead quickly and efficiently…from internships, to fellowships, to abroad opportunities and beyond.

This is a program for everyone! Be there!

Date: Today
Time: 5:30PM
Place: PAC001

Community Engagement Fair

News of a big event tomorrow coming your way via Dana Pellegrino ’12:

The Community Engagement Fair exhibits all types of programs, projects, and partners that can help you get involved in and engage with greater Middletown! Projects include working with community schools, health organizations, and art initiatives, as well as a host of other opportunities (some even for ~$$~ through Work-Study).

DATE: Tomorrow (9/12/12)
TIME: 11:30 AM –  01:15 PM
PLACE: Usdan Courtyard
COST: Fr-iz-ee