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Leadership Luncheon: Political Community Organizing

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From SALD Leadership Intern Jordan Gaynes ’14:

This week’s talk will feature a discussion about modern community organizing based on political campaigns and the field experience of one former Obama campaign organizer. While the tactics may seem 21st century, the strategy dates back to Cesar Chavez and can be used in helping all leadership-based organizations.

As usual, lunch is provided!

Date: Tomorrow, October 18th
Time: 12pm-1pm
Place: 41 Wyllys Ave Room 114
Cost: Freezles

First EON Meeting of the Semester

Save the Earth!

From your brand new EON coordinators Aletta Brady ’15, Nina Gerona ’15, Kate Gibble ’15 and Corey Guilmette ’13:

We are excited to announce that EON’s first meeting of the semester will be held this Friday, February 1st from 1-2PM in 41 Wyllys Room 114. That’s right, we’re back and ready for action.

EON (Environmental Organizers Network) is Wesleyan’s umbrella environmental group that helps organize environmental groups on campus to further promote their ideas. Our agenda for this meeting will be to introduce ourselves and give these various groups an opportunity to introduce themselves and their agendas for the upcoming year. If you want to get involved this is a great space to connect with other people who are interested in many different types of sustainability and Earth related issues. Also on the agenda will be a potential trip to Washington DC during the weekend of February 17th for a protest against the keystone pipeline.

This will also be an opportunity to bring up any relevant environmental issues that you see on campus and discuss a way to organize around them.

What: Environmental Organizers Network’s 1st meeting of the semester
Where: 41 Wyllys, room 114
When: This Friday from 1-2pm

EON Coordinator Search, Application, Elections

EON, the environmental organizers’ network, is looking for three enthusiastic, well-organized coordinators for next semester. The coordinators will plan the big network-wide meetings that will take place about three times per semester, facilitate discussion at those gatherings, and essentially keep the fire burning for EON. No background in environmental activism is necessary, and we encourage anyone who feels strongly about helping organize environmental events and initiatives to apply!

We know that this is a busy time for people, but if you could briefly answer the three questions on the survey by Sunday night, you’ll have a little time at the election meeting (Monday, December 10th at 4 PM) to elaborate. This application just gets you on the ballot. Also, your application questions will be accessible by all EON members to give them a sense of who’s running before the election.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Marj Dodson ’13 (mdodson@wes), Oliver James ’14 (ojames@wes) or Haley Greenberg ’14 (hgreenberg@wes).

Know a friend, classmate, roommate, friendcrush, or lover who you think would make a good coordinator? Let us know and we’ll work on getting them involved!

Here’s the application. (Note: you need a wesleyan.edu account to open it.)

Last Sustainability Office Hours of the Semester

Talk to Sustainability Coordinator Jen Kleindienst before eco-Armageddon happens:

If you haven’t stopped by yet, now is your last chance in 2012 to talk with Wesleyan’s sustainability coordinator! She’s happy to answer questions and hear what your thoughts are!

Date: Today, December 5th
Time: 12pm-1pm
Place: Usdan 1st floor
Cost: Bring a lunch!

Need-Blind Wes: Updates and Organization

UOC organizational meeting spurs student group, online statement, brief meeting with Roth, tweet from Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02.

When  I broke the news that Wesleyan’s trustees are preparing to alter need-blind admissions practices in the coming budget, I pointed to the 1992 Need-Blind North College Occupation and remarked that Wes students are no longer taking an active voice in the University’s financial aid practices. I spoke too soon.

About 35 students and recent alums met in the University Organizing Center yesterday afternoon to express concerns—in short, to discuss what the 100% need-blind policy is at present, what the shift means for Wesleyan’s fiscal practices, how students should respond and confront the administration (meetings, chalking, and manifestos, oh my), and why the history of need-blind activism at Wes remains significant. For more extensive notes on the meeting or how you can get involved, contact my esteemed colleague A-Batte at abatte(at)wes or Evan Weber ’13 at eweber(at)wes. What follows is a brief rundown on student actions so far (disclosure: this blogger is directly involved) and additional viewpoints. Feel free to comment with suggestions, critiques, or incoherent streams of profanity—but for a more substantial digital discussion of Wesleyan fiscal practices present and future, do consult the comment thread in the original post.

Reclaiming Agency in Social Change: Reorganizing Society From the Bottom-up with Social Activist and Post-Development Theorist Gustavo Esteva

As jobs, assets and expectations are increasingly at risk with the current crisis, people everywhere are no longer expecting a solution for their predicaments conceived and implemented by the powers that be. They are losing trust in the government and the political parties to produce needed and urgent social changes. People’s new agency for change is the reorganization of society from the bottom-up expressing a new political imagination
Date: Monday, February 20th
Time: 5:00 p.m.
Place: Wesleyan Career Center
Cost: Free