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Origami Workshop + FREE SUSHI

UCAB will provide the supplies, you’ll provide the creativity. Enjoy making beautiful paper creations with an experienced Wes student who’ll show you how to make things you wouldn’t believe could come from folding paper!

Plus, there will be lots of FREE SUSHI — don’t miss out.

Date: TODAY, Thursday, April 8th

Time: 9 PM

Place: USDAN 108

Bats! in Connecticut

So you all got this “Spring is coming!” ResLife email today about how to behave in warmer weather (e.g. don’t be a noisy jerk to your neighbors, as if you weren’t already right?), but something stood out in that:

Be sure screens are in place when the windows are open to prevent unwanted intruders such as bees, bats, etc. Please note that the only furniture which should be brought outside (which includes balconies and porches) is plastic outdoor furniture. Upholstered and wooden furniture pose fire hazards and may become home to bugs and four legged creatures. Thank you for your cooperation.

Holy shit, there are bats here?? This is fascinating, does anyone know about this/have crazy bat stories?

EDIT: Ok I Googled “connecticut bats” and the first link shows how to fold an origami bat:

The CT Audobon Society says that:

Seven species of bats can be found in Connecticut. The two most common bats in the state are the little brown bat and the big brown bat. The remaining species are less common and seldom seen… Typically bats are very loyal to their birthplaces and hibernating sites and are in temperate regions, cold winters force bats to migrate.

Bats can be found everywhere in the world except in the most extreme desert and polar regions. The big-eyed, winsome expressions of some bats often surprise oppose who would never have thought that a bat could be attractive or even cute.

Look to the skies on 1 hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset to see the fluttering display of bats rounding up their insect prey. once you understand and appreciate these remarkable creatures of the dark, bats can be viewed as allies and an integral part of our natural wold.

The more you know!