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Sing for Orquesta Fiebre!

Would you like to sing salsa music? You can sing with Orquesta Fiebre! We are holding auditions for the new year next Tuesday, Sep. 22nd. Email esherman(at)wesleyan(dot)edu if you are interested.

Date: Sept. 22
Time: 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Place: The chapel basement

Orquestra Fiebre’s Last Stand!

Tonight – 9-12, outside of Davenport.

As Wernher Von Braun said in a totally different context: “Don’t hang up your dancing slippers.”

And for some higher power’s sake: pregame a bit. Or a lot.

Stand Up

STAND (in conjunction with the Nics) is hosting a benefit concert this weekend to help the New Sudan Education Initiative. Performers will be Chrome Punch, Half Crunk, and Wes favorite Orchestra Fiebre. Tickets are $3 this week at Usdan, $4 at the door, and $5 donation suggestion.

Date: Friday, April 4
Time: 10pm-2am
Place: 200 Church

Orquesta Fiebre!

Thursday 3/6 @ 9PM-12:30
$2 / $3 at the door

Proceeds fund Exposure, Wesleyan Student Journal of Photography (which will be sweet, and free to students).

9ish – Barney Bates & the Hot Tamales – “A band of aliens who have come down to earth to fight terrorism by playing gnarly swing music.” – Sam Ottinger and the boys

10ish – Daguerreotype (The Shade) – A special one-time only set of photography-inspired hits – Adam Tinkle, Josh Koenig, Matt Patterson, Jake Gold

11ish – ORQUESTA FIEBRE – Wesleyan’s own big-ass, kick-ass, salsa band

“Exposure, the Wesleyan Student Journal of Photography, will be releasing its premier issue this semester and we need your help and support! Your contribution will directly effect the quality of our publication (which will be FREE to the student body) . . . and you will have a fucking good time contributing!”

TICKETS – $2 beforehand, available at lunchtime during the week in Usdan, or
$3 at the door the night of the show

Submissions are still welcome until the end of spring break:
Digital files sent to Wesleyan.exposure@gmail
Prints to Wesbox #91911