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Wesleyingiversary: On the Third Year, Our Dear Leader Returns

“I’m a…professional…media…person…asshole. I don’t know.”


I did not make this. Pyrotechnics did.

This is part of our series of Wesleyingiversary interviews. You can find the rest here.

A core element of any Wesleying lore is talk of Our Former Dear Leader Zach. It has been three years since he last graced our presence. And now he rises from retirement to do this interview. He once said that the highlight of his Wesleying career was when he “posted a birthday message for Michael Roth and he reposted it as his Facebook status.” Said birthday message was just one of the 1569 posts that Zach wrote in his 4 years at the Tech, ranging from campus marsupial reports to armed robberies in the Nics.

He always did say you could find him in a combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, but different from the one you are in now. Well, I wasn’t in a combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell when we talked about his time writing for the blog. I was in my bed. Read after the jump for our convo.

In the Name of All That is Blogged

This morning, Our Dear Leader Zach blogged his staggering 1,200th Wesleying post. With the blog at a little over 11,000 total posts, this means that he has alone contributed over a tenth of Wesleying’s total material. What follows is a (tragically brief) history of his illustrious Wesleying career, a minor tribute to the immensity of his infinite glory.