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Newsflash: It’s a holiday!

This is what people probably think Wesleyan looks like, like politically correct queers.

So it’s around noon and those caffeine pills are just now starting to kick in after poppin’ some as breakfast this morning.  It’s okay, we all really should have started our papers due at 9AM today before midnight yesterday.  It happens.

Now check your calendar.  Yeah, it’s a very important day.  Your Wesleyan calendars will tell you loud and proud: OFFICE OF ADMISSION OCTOBER OPEN HOUSE!!!  Now you better be on your best behavior.  Bleed red and black before you go outside, and then become the hybrid car (that contemplates infinity) that you know you are.

If, for some godforsaken reason, you’ve interacted somehow with someone outside the Wesleyan bubble, you might realize why there’s an Admissions Open House today.  It’s Columbus Day!  He may or may not have discovered the Americas, exploited and enslaved peoples, committed genocide, and spread disease, but it’s still essentially a national holiday.  Across the nation people are pretending to sleep in because they’re not at work or school.  Where’s our day off dammit?

Also, isn’t it National Coming Out Day? Where are the provocative messages chalked into the ground for prefrosh parents to run away from?

Admission’s Open Houses are important.  Just don’t forget there’s a whole world out there.

Outside the Bubble

At Wesleyan, it’s pretty easy to fall out of the loop with the rest of the world.  Even as someone who can spend all day reading news articles and blog posts if nothing’s going on, I haven’t really taken a glance at the news in the past two and a half weeks (till like five minutes ago).  So, if you’re like me, here’s what in the world you’ve been missing:

Gay Guys Kiss 33 HoursA Pair of Gay Guys Break the Guinness World Record for Longest Kiss

They kissed for thirty-three (33) hours.  That’s over a day.  And they’re not even a couple, just “friends”…

Barack Obama Went to Christian Church on Sunday

This is headline news.  For me, the real news was that this was such vital headline news in the first place.  I love these precious few weeks before elections.  The news gets so…amusing.  Dear Obama, please be an atheist.  Just because.

Jewly Bandz

If your grandmother didn’t mail you a pack of these while you were too busy “writing a 15 page paper due Monday” at the GSA & Grotto during the Yom Kippur weekend, then she must not love you.


Speaking of Jews, bedbugs are still taking over New York city (and beyond).  We could let them have AMC movie theaters, TBS, and even the Empire State Building, but now they’ve got Niketown too, nooo!

“Holy Shit, I’m Fat!”

Guys are anorexic now too.  “Whether they squeeze their ass or stomach, they make a point of showing you.”

The Recession is Over

Remember that time when people started to go broke? Yeah, apparently it’s over now.  It’s been over.  Get with the program.

I bet you those thick “Worlding the World” course readers didn’t include this invaluable info, huh?  Okay, but I have a composition, a manuscript, and a paper due this week on top of other things so I’ll leave you all to procrastinate some more without me now…

New Haven to "ban the box?"

I remember way back my freshman year, WesPrep was petitioning to “Ban the Box” in Connecticut – that is, to not allow employers the “Do you have a criminal record?” question on job applications. According to a Friday New York Times article, it looks like that might happen, at least in New Haven:

On job applications for city jobs and jobs with city contractors, applicants must now check a box to indicate they have a criminal record. The human services committee of the Board of Aldermen unanimously approved a proposal two weeks ago to remove the box on the job applications, and on Tuesday the full board will vote on the matter.

If the proposal is approved, New Haven will join other cities, including San Francisco, Baltimore and Minneapolis, that have voted to remove the question on their job applications. Proponents of the move say that people who have done their time deserve jobs, too, and the current job application question usually means they are dismissed out of hand no matter what their skills.

If implemented, the question about past criminal history would be moved to the end of the job application process, Ms. Matos said. Only after an applicant is interviewed and given a conditional offer of employment would a criminal background check take place. If a person is found to have a criminal history, and are then not hired, they would be given the chance to offer a rebuttal.

As many as 25 formerly incarcerated people are released in New Haven every week, according to the state Department of Correction.
[Read more.]


Get outside of the bubble

Want to get outside of the Wesleyan bubble a little bit? There are a couple of events you may want to check out:

Canvass for a local former-Wes-student Democrat!

Got Wesleyan pride? Have a couple of hours to spend making a difference locally before the election?

Join Wesdems in canvassing around Middletown for Matt Lesser, a former Wes student who is running for democratic state representative!

Matt is passionate about funding education, reforming Connecticut’s highest-in-the-nation property tax system, expanding support for renewable energy, and protecting our open spaces and needs your help!

Email Sophie Ackoff at sackoff@wes or Miriam Berger at maberger@wes if you are interested!

See a local play at Oddfellows Playhouse!

Theatre 4 is a new professional theater company based in New Haven, and this weekend, they’re going to be putting up a new show right here in Middletown, over at Oddfellows Playhouse.

The play, “Anton in Show Business,” is described as an “intelligent comedy for grownups, satirizing the trials and tribulations of producing a play. While taking a comical look at self-involved actors, egotistical directors, complacent audiences, over zealous critics, and fickle corporate sponsors, the play’s heart lies in the growing importance of the arts for their ability – if only for a moment in time – to create community and magic.”

When: October 10-11 at 8 pm
Where: Oddfellows Playhouse (128 Wash St)
$$$: I think free? But Theatre 4 is a nonprofit and there is a $20 suggested donation
Reservations: Call 203.623.7560

Donate blood to the American Red Cross!

The Wesleyan Blood Drive (this monday/tuesday at Beckham Hall) still needs people! See our prior post for more info. Sign up to give blood at www.giveblood.org – just put in 06459 as our zip code and look at what time slots are still open.