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Buttonwood Tree Seeks Wesleyan Band For Paid Opening Set

buttonwood tree

You heard right — paid.  Elizabeth Halprin ’14 writes in with an opportunity for your talented student band to earn money playing music.  Isn’t that the dream?

The Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts & Community Center: in Middletown is looking for an indie rock sorta band to perform on March 1st with Higher Animals. We’d need a 45 – 55 minute set, and the band would get 1/3 of the door profits. Tickets are usually $10, $5 for students.

Please email thebuttonwoodtree(at)gmail(dot)com if you’re interested.
Seems pretty straightforward to me: Step One: Email the fine people of The Buttonwood Tree.  Step Two: Advertise the heck out of this show.  Step Three: ???.  Step Four: PROFIT.
When: Friday, March 1st.
Contact: thebuttonwoodtree(at)gmail(dot)com
Deadline: Apply soon!  As in, now!

Argus Seeks Paid Distribution Staff Member


Claire Bradach ’15 invites you to audition for the Argus staff’s production of Newsies:

Looking for an on-campus job? The Argus is looking to hire a paid distribution staff member to deliver copies of The Argus from the Argus office to locations around campus once a week. Like Newsies, but with less singing. Or with the same amount. Your call.

(Note: must have car or access to one.)

Please email argus(at)wesleyan(dot)edu if you are interested!

Deadline: Soon?
Contact: argus(at)wesleyan(dot)edu

Update: The position has been filled.

Wesleyan National Survey: Call for PAID Interviewers

Aubrey Hamilton ’12 wants to know if you’re interested:

Are you interested in social media, educational inequalities, terrorism, or perceptions of current policy issues including protests domestically and in the Middle East?

THIS IS THE LAST WEEK to participate as a PAID interviewer for an opinion research project sponsored by the Wesleyan Media Project, the Quantitative Analysis Center, and Professors Fowler and Long.

Want to make some EXTRA MONEY for Spring? The number of hours and schedule is up to you. Pays $8.50/hr.

If you are interested in participating please contact ahamilton[at]wesleyan[dot]edu or rchayes[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.

NYT Op-Ed on Slave Labor, otherwise known as Unpaid Internships

As Winter slowly peels back its rough insurgency against Spring (and what a tough bastard it is), we see peeking over the horizon small hints of Summer and everything it brings – flip-flops, sunshine, warm (see: boiling hot) weather, people with marginal articles of clothing on them, long afternoons by the lake, and – indeed – internships.

FUCKING. Intern. Ships. And, with the economy the way it is and firms the way they are, it’s more likely than not that you progressive kids who choose the summer path of internship will be doing so without receiving even a dime from they who choose to “employ” you (in fact, it’s probably the case that you’re shelling out quite a bit for the whole experience). It’s a bit of a strange system, when you really think about it, even more so when you consider colleges – the very institutions that are supposed to help us get paid at the end of the day – are a vital component of this complex.

This is the principal issue that Ross Perlin, a youngish Stanford-produced semi-intellectual, addresses in a recent op-ed published by the NYT last Saturday.

“Colleges,” writes Perlin, “have turned internships into a prerequisite for the professional world but have neither ensured equal access to these opportunities, nor insisted on fair wages for honest work.” Colleges. What bastards.