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MAD?! Wow……..

Did Jake Schofield ’12 contaminate his finger with his own feces, then somehow move it to Isaac Silk ’14’s oral cavity? Because both seem to have Mad Wow Disease. [boos, hisses] What I mean is that they both sent us event posts for tonight! We’ll go in order of descending class year—here’s Silky Smooth’s:

WARNING: Mad Wow disease has returned to campus. Anyone worried about catching the infectious mo-town soul groove, and feeling the uncontrollable urge to dance for hours straight, should certainly not come to ALPHA DELT tonight at 9:30.

Side Effects: Garth Taylor, dancing, sweatiness, and brain explosions.

Opener: Drummers of Peace and Equality (DOPE), featuring Bill Carbone

Who: Mad Wow, DOPE
What: Concert
Where: Alpha Delt
When: Tonight, 9:30
Not satisfied? Ass. Click through for “Ol’ Stromboli” Schofield’s version: