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Macdonough Students Film “Gangnam Style” Parody

What I want to know is where can I find this “Alicia” and do you think she’d lay down some vocals for my lo-fi electro dreamsynthpop mixtape?

Assuming most Wesleyan students check Da Patch on the daily and/or frequent the YMCA Kids’ Korner, you’ve probably already seen this hilariously endearing “Gangnam Style” parody featuring our friends from Macdonough Elementary. In case you live under a rock, “Gangnam Style” is South Korean pop sensation PSY’s insanely popular satirical single whose viral Youtube status (735,723,859 views and counting) has had this unfortunate effect. At a staggering 1,427 views, “Gangnam Style Parody” claims to be “the viral video of the summer.” While this assertion is perhaps premature, I would definitely support a collective effort on the part of Wesleyan students to validate it.

According to the Patch article, these tweens are “on the front lines of what’s cool in pop culture.” For additional proof that Middletown’s youths are significantly flyer than most of the people at this school, see herehere, and here.

For the Usdan vegan section’s take on “Gangnam Style,” watch this.

Skidmore…Has Sex!

Turns out that the students of yet another institution of higher learning also have sex. In keeping with the efforts of Wesleyan Uncut and those of the Oberlin Sexual Information Center, a group of students at Skidmore College declared their support for Planned Parenthood and Title X with a similar video (check that shoutout at the end):

Additionally, the folks at Dizzy Peoples Comedy lent their own unique brand of advocacy to the cause with the following parody — upon viewing it, you might recall the Ampersand’s take on this shizz.