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You’ve got to fight / For your right

Not sure whether or not this is related to the (shelved?) 25-person party policy, but a “Party Hosting Liability” link has been added to the e-Portfolio under “Student Life at Wesleyan.” It leads to a page containing four points concerning host liability:

  • “According to Connecticut state law, you may be held liable for the actions of individuals [to] whom you have served alcohol.”
  • “You should never serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 21.”
  • “You should never serve anyone who appears to be intoxicated.”
  • “You should contact Public Safety for assistance if an individual becomes intoxicated, or if you are concerned about their [sic] safety.”

The page also asks a user to click a “Submit” button at the bottom certifying that (s)he has read the four points and is aware that (s)he “face[s] potential criminal, civil & institutional sanctions” for violation.

It seems like this would be something that’s covered during the pre-GRS Community Standards Workshops (which are mandatory if your group wants to choose a woodframe); any current or past woodframe residents who paid attention, please tell!